February 25, 2021

Queen Letizia, honorary president of FundéuRAE

Queen Letizia, at an awards ceremony.

Queen Letizia, at an awards ceremony.

The Queen Letizia has accepted the honorary presidency of the Board of Trustees of the Urgent Spanish Foundation (FundéuRAE), created by the EFE Agency and the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) in 2004 with the aim of promoting the proper use of Spanish in the media.

With her entry into the board of trustees, the Queen reinforces her commitment to the Fundéu, whose work she has closely followed since it began operating in 2005.

The board of the foundation is composed of the president of FundéuRAE and director of the RAE, Santiago Muñoz Machado; the vice president of the foundation and president of the EFE Agency, Gabriela Cañas; and five vowels.

It’s about the academic and writer Carme riera; the academic and writer Soledad Puértolas; the academic and writer Jose Maria Merino; the journalist and writer Alex Grijelmo, and the director of the Cervantes Institute, Luis Garcia Montero.

Muñoz Machado has highlighted the “fundamental endorsement” which represents the honorary presidency of Queen Letizia in the FundéuRAE, which has recently opened a new path relaunched by the RAE and the EFE Agency after the reorganization of its board of trustees in September 2020.

In a statement from the foundation, Muñoz Machado highlighted that, in this new period, the foundation intends to “promote that founding idea” as “a support tool for all those who use the language in their daily activities related to communication, social networks and new digital platforms”.

Crown engagement show

The honorary presidency, added the president of the RAE, is also a new example of the Crown’s commitment “to the Spanish language, which highlights its importance as a cultural, social and economic asset.”

For its part, Gabriela Cañas has highlighted the “magnificent news” of the acceptance of the honorary presidency of FundéuRAE, “founded exactly fifteen years ago by this agency and the Royal Spanish Academy”.

In addition to the “greater prestige” for the foundation, the honorary presidency of the Queen, the president of EFE has added, will enrich the Fundéu for its “knowledge of the journalistic profession and its proven interest in the Spanish language”, which “will enrich the level of internal debate that passionately takes place permanently in this institution in defense of Spanish and its external projection”.

Queen Letizia held her last meeting with the Fundéu Board of Trustees last december. During this meeting, the background and current situation of FundéuRAE were presented, as well as the objectives with which it is facing its relaunch and with which it seeks to enhance its founding goals and continue working for the proper use of Spanish in the media.

Created in 2004 from EFE’s Urgent Spanish Department, operating since 1980, the foundation began in February 2005 to develop its monitoring of the use of the language in the media, both Spanish and Latin American.

It is also in charge of publishing reports and analysis for journalists from the public media and works as a consultant in the face of questions raised in the use of the language both on its website (www.fundeu.es) and on its Twitter account (@ Fundeu). All this, following the criteria established by the RAE, which was very present in the development of Fundeu.


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