Quartararo wins and Aleix Espargaró suffers a terrible confusion

Catalan GP

The Spanish rider stopped on the last lap thinking that the race was over when he had second place in his hand

CR Madrid

What everything pointed to a great day for Aleix Espargaró turned into a nightmare. The Spanish rider, who had taken pole the previous day, had a more than deserving second place in his hand when, with one lap to go, he stopped suddenly. The one from Granollers suffered a terrible confusion, thinking that the race had already finished, which took him off the podium and finished in fifth position.

The victory went to Fabio Quartararo, who played 'La Marsellesa' again. The Frenchman's victory, second of the year and tenth in MotoGP, further strengthens him at the top of the championship, benefiting from Aleix Espargaró's serious mistake. But the test was not so bad for Spanish interests, Jorge Martín climbing to the second podium drawer and Joan Mir crossing the finish line in fourth position.

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