Quantifying femicides outside the couple or ex-partner "will reveal the existing machismo"

Image taken during a 25N demonstration against sexist violence in the capital of Gran Canaria. / ARCADIO SUAREZ

The director of the ICI celebrates that the state "supports" what the Canary Islands had already been doing. 100 women have been killed by sexist violence on the islands since 2003

Louisa del Rosario

19 women have been murdered in the first half of this year due to sexist violence, outside the scope of the partner or ex-partner in Spain. For the first time since sexist violence statistics are made, the Ministry of Equality has quantified the number of femicides outside the couple or ex-partner. This change has been welcomed by the Canarian Institute for Equality (ICI). “Of course it is received as great news. It is something that we have already been doing at the regional level in our autonomous community and now have the support of the State, that our Community has that support and coherence at the state level
has a very positive reading because it means progress», says the director of the ICI, Kika Fumero.

In his opinion,
«Canarian society is quite aware, in general terms, that sexist violence does not only occur within the couple or ex-partner. Sexual assaults, chemical submission, ... are sexist violence that occurs outside that area, but having that state support gives coherence to the message that we convey to the citizenry”, the director of the ICI abounds.

Fumero admits that
there are still "many sectors in which there is resistance" to understanding the depth of the problem of sexist violences, and this support from the state level "is going to help overcome obstacles in the management of public policies," he adds.

In addition, Kika Fumero points out,
This new way of accounting for femicides "will reveal the existing machismo" in society. In his opinion, this change will allow "putting on the table" issues that were left out. «For example, a nephew who murders his aunt and that he has a mental health problem. There is a stigma about mental health, but there are real cases that have been left in the inkwell because a person with schizophrenia, for example, can be aggressive with themselves, they can even have a tendency to take their own life in a moment of crisis. And if he committed a sexist crime, it would be said that it is not gender violence because he had a mental health problem. Mental health problems are one thing and machismo another », she warns. That is why she believes that "this social structure that oppresses women in its vast majority is going to begin to be seen, that it will be possible to have a broader and more comprehensive view."

The Canary Islands, which does add the femicides outside the couple or ex-partner, counts 100 sexist murders since 2003, in addition to eight boys and girls. The last of them Abigail, 34 years old.

According to data from the Ministry of Equality, which was released by the Secretary of State for Equality and against Gender Violence, Ángela Rodríguez, together with the Government delegate against Gender Violence, Victoria Rosell, last week, counts three murders sexists outside the couple or ex-partner between January and June of this year. In fact,
the Canarian Community, together with Andalusia and Catalonia, with three murders also in each one, top the list of femicides in Spain. On the islands, two of the murders were perpetrated by relatives and one was in the social sphere.

In total, 28 women have been murdered in Spain since the beginning of the year, which brings the figure to 1,158 since records are available, in 2003.

According to Equality, the figures on femicides outside the couple or ex-partner reveal that "100% of the aggressors were known to the victims, 60% being relatives."

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