January 21, 2021

Qatar GP: Dovizioso sets pace and wins in Qatar against Márquez harassment | sports

Qatar GP: Dovizioso sets pace and wins in Qatar against Márquez harassment | sports

What's more, it does not shine in winter training, what does it matter if it does not mark the fastest lap on a Friday, what are the pole position if it is not to fight for victory. Andrea Dovizioso It is a simple, introverted, rational type, which is not altered if the time table says it is not the fastest. Because being the fastest one lap, at a given moment, is not that difficult. He worries about preparing his motorcycle and his mind to win races. And his rivals know it. Especially since in the last three years, since something inside said, he hears, you know, you are very good, you just have to believe it, you have learned to be a leader.

And to believe it. That's why he won the first race of the year again. In front of the always daring Marc Márquez, who took him to the limit. Again.

Dovizioso won because he thought he could take some pole from time to time, even this weekend, in Qatar, Maverick Viñales snatched it and he had to settle for being second on the starting grid, right next to his biggest opponent, Márquez. He thought he was capable of winning. And even to send in some tracks, such as the circuit of Losail, where he already imposed the last course and where he has spent five years finishing the race between the first two. The first grand prize was his. And he showed it from the moment the traffic light went out.

Aware that the track could play a trick on him as he had on some of his opponents at the weekend, the track was cold, wet, fearsome the wind that cools the tires that one gets distracted by those few curves to the left, Dovizioso imposed a slow pace. From the head. Knowing that the most explosive type of MotoGP is not comfortable in the Qatar circuit, so that the little I could fear of Márquez is that he chased his shadows throughout the race waiting for a gap, an opportunity, an error. The only thing that could be expected from Márquez, who had to avoid the front hard rubber due to the conditions of the track and that has never finished getting the hang of this track, is that he played it in the last corner. And he did. Of course he did.

But Dovi, who had managed to keep the lead despite the harassment of Márquez or Rins practically throughout the race, defended his position on the last lap as well, when the Honda one fell on him, as he did last year. There are no differences between the Japanese bike and the Ducati in terms of top speed, so the Italian had to close every gap. His lines closed all doors to the world champion. There are few pilots more difficult to overtake than Dovizioso. That even in that last curve, the 16, kept the type. And Márquez was satisfied with a second place that knows him to glory. Because Qatar was never to his liking. Nor of the one of his motorcycle, for good that today the Honda flies in the straight lines.

The battle for third place was won by Crutchlow, bravo, back after an injury that forced him to miss the end of last season, shattered his leg after a terrible accident. The British gave a good account of the engine evolved from his Honda to Rins, a delight for the eyes, fine piloting as there are few in the World now that the fashion is to be aggressive in braking and despise the curved lines. Barcelona does not, which brings out the best of the Suzuki, a motorcycle that only lacks a few horsepower.

The same thing happens to the Yamaha, although in the case of the machine of the tuning forks what are missing are, at least, 10 km / h more of top speed. And that ends up deciding careers. Of course, this Sunday Viñales, which formed in the pole, signed a terrible exit and never managed to catch the rhythm of the first, was not at any time a danger. Much less when Dovizioso decided that it was time to break a large group, of up to eight riders, that was raffling the podium until the last five laps. He resisted, however, and to the surprise of all those who forget how his performance changes on Sundays, Valentino Rossi. Ranked 14th, the Italian culminated a magnificent comeback to finish fifth.

Only one place behind him left Lorenzo, but the new signing of Honda could not keep pace with Rossi. It was his first race with his new motorbike and he came out on the track sore and soothing after a tremendous crash the day before. We will have to wait to see his best version. We will have to wait, too, to see what Quartararo is capable of. He stopped the bike in the just before the training lap and had to leave from the pit lane. It rolled in the times in which it did the head. And he only stayed at one of the points.

After the first race is verified, indeed, that this World has a multitude of aspirants. None, however, as the gyrfalcon of MotoGP, Márquez. Few like the great antagonist of this story, Dovizioso, victorious and protagonist this time.

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