December 3, 2020

Pyongyang tested a “super large” multiple shuttle in his last test

North Korea tested a “super-large” multiple rocket shuttle in its most recent weapons test, the North Korean regime said Monday through state news agency KCNA, which defined the test as “successful.”

The test, carried out on Sunday, was carried out “to verify once again the technical and technological characteristics of the launch system that will be delivered to army units,” said the agency, which did not offer details on the type of projectile. launched or from where it was fired.

The test of the day before was supervised by Ri Pyong-chol, a key figure in the North Korean arms program and one of the vice-presidents of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party.

The KCNA announcement was published, as usual, a day after the test, in which the South Korean army claimed that the regime apparently tested two short-range ballistic missiles.

According to the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS), the shells were fired from the North Korean coastal city of Wonsan in the east of the country, which traveled about 230 kilometers and reached a peak of 30 kilometers before falling into the sea.

The weapons test on Sunday was the fourth carried out by North Korea in March and so far this year, apart from smaller artillery exercises. The previous three releases were overseen by leader Kim Jong-un.

The test the day before came about a week after the regime said it had tried a new “guided tactical weapon.”

Pyongyang conducted thirteen weapons tests in 2019, a year marked by the failed Hanoi summit, in which Washington deemed the North Korean disarmament offer insufficient in the framework of its bilateral denuclearization negotiations, and refused to lift its economic sanctions.

Since then, talks about denuclearization of the regime have been stalled.


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