PwC only analyzed 9% of BBVA’s documentation on Villarejo and did not include spying on Sacyr | Economy

A director of the PwC consultancy, in charge of the forensic report for BBVA on his relationship with the retired commissioner José Manuel VillarejoHe explained Thursday to Judge Manuel García-Castellón that they did a keyword search that resulted in 2.3 million files of interest. That number was screened by indication of the Garrigues law firm, which carries the bank’s criminal defense, to the approximately 200,000 that were finally analyzed, he added, according to legal sources present in the statement as a witness to the consultant’s director. To questions from the Anti-Corruption prosecutors, he added that if so far they have not prepared reports on the alleged spying on Sacyr, it is because Garrigues has not considered it a priority.

The responsible partner of Forensic of PwC, Javier López Andreo, has declared for approximately two hours before the judge investigating in piece 9 of the Tandem case, also called Villarejo case, the work that BBVA commissioned the commissioner, who is in prison provisional since November 2017.

The collaboration between Villarejo and the bank began in 2004, researchers have discovered so far, with a work of alleged espionage against Sacyr president Luis del Rivero. BBVA intended to stop Sacyr’s entry into the council of administration of the financial entity. Villarejo baptized Rivero and other people who allegedly helped him machine the “assault” on the bank as a “hostile group.”

Prosecutors have asked López Andreo why PwC did not report on that hostile group. The manager replied, according to the sources consulted, that they were not asked to prepare any report on it. The expert has carried out a declaration of a very technical nature, in which he has explained in detail the methodology used by the consultant to make the forensic report. In that context he explained that the work has always been done at the request of Garrigues, hired in turn by the bank to defend him in the Villarejo case, where he is charged as a legal entity.

The expert has also pointed out that the forensic report is not over and that his team is still working and delivering preliminary conclusions. Some of them are in the first 18 volumes of the summary of the separate piece about BBVA, whose secret Garcia-Castellón raised two weeks ago.

López Andreo has also answered questions about interviews with BBVA workers that were made during the forensic analysis. He explained that they were not recorded or recorded minutes of their content because they were preparatory interviews, and that is the way they usually work. In a second phase, with the contrast interviews, what is said is recorded.

BBVA sources indicated that at the beginning of the investigation, “PwC offered the entity’s lawyers (Garrigues & Uría) a heat map with all the lines of investigation that they proposed to carry out and that involved the revision of a total of 2.3 millions of hits (items to be reviewed) “. The entity affirms that PwC estimated that it would take two years to review the material.” Given this context and the need to respond to the judicial requirements, the defense lawyers (Garrigues & Uría) provided the signature forensic prioritization criteria that maximized the possibility of obtaining relevant information for the case. “

“At no time was the review of the rest ruled out: in fact, the investigation is still ongoing. Moreover, additional lines have been added as a result of requests from the investigating judge, which supports the rigor of the procedure followed that is verifiable. Transparency exercise BBVA has released PwC from professional secrecy so that they could give a statement today, “these sources added.


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