Putin prolongs coronavirus restrictions until mid-May

Russian President Vladimir Putin today extended restrictions on the population due to the coronavirus pandemic until mid-May, when the limitations could be gradually lifted, region by region, should the epidemiological situation improve markedly.

"We have managed to slow down the spread of the epidemic. But this should not reassure us. The situation remains complicated," Putin said during a live television broadcast.

Russia surpassed Iran today in number of cases, exceeding 93,000 confirmed infections, according to official data from Johns Hopkins University, a benchmark in monitoring the pandemic, although the death toll stands at 867, well below the deaths recorded by others. countries.

For all these reasons, Putin called on the Russians not to trust themselves and to continue staying at home during the May holidays, the most popular in this country and which include Victory Day over Nazi Germany, which is celebrated on May 9.

"Now we are facing a new, perhaps the most tense, stage in the fight against the epidemic. The risks of contagion are approaching their maximum, the threat, the deadly danger of the virus remain," he stressed.

Putin announced that May 6, 7 and 8 will also be non-working days, so he extended until mid-May the holidays "paid" by the employer that he granted to the Russians on March 25 in order to contain the pandemic .

"We know that in a normal situation many would not work, they would take a break or vacation. Now, even more, we cannot take risks," he explained.

In turn, addressing the members of the Government and the leaders of the regions, he asked them for a report by May 5 on the measures to be taken to gradually return to normal from May 12, provided the epidemiological situation so allow.

"To speak of a unilateral cancellation of the restrictions is simply inadmissible," he warned.

Next, the Mayor of Moscow, Sergey Sobianin, specified that the presidential announcement means that the inhabitants of the capital, epicenter of the pandemic in this country, and of the Moscow region will have to respect the quarantine for another two weeks.

Two weeks ago, Sobianin imposed digital safeguards on Muscovites, both for those who have to go to work and for those who want to get around the city by car, taxi or public transport for another justified purpose.


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