June 16, 2021

Putin and Xi put into operation the "Siberian Force" gas pipeline

The presidents of Russia, Vladimir Putin, and China, Xi Jinping, put into operation on Monday the "Siberian Force" gas pipeline through which Russian gas company Gazprom will supply its Chinese counterpart, the oil company CNPC, more than a billion cubic meters of natural gas in the next 30 years.

"The contract signed by our countries in 2014 has been the largest in the history of the national gas sector," said the head of the Kremlin from the Russian resort of Sochi, where he stressed that more than a billion cubic meters of gas will be supplied to China in the next three decades for this new pipeline.

The beginning of supplies is a "historical event for both Russia and China," Putin said in a videoconference with his Chinese counterpart and with the gas compressor stations on both sides of the border between the two countries.

The launch of the "Siberian Force" raises Russian-Chinese cooperation in the field of energy to a "new qualitative level", and approaches the goal that Moscow and Beijing have set out to reach a trade exchange of 200,000 million dollars for 2024, he said.

Gazprom Exports Chief Andréi Zotov said on the eve of the inauguration of the gas pipeline that next year they will be exported to China through the "Siberian Force" 5,000 million cubic meters of natural gas, a volume that will increase to 10,000 million in 2021 already 15,000 million in 2022.

Gazprom will annually supply China with 38,000 million cubic meters of natural gas annually for 30 years, according to the contract signed in May 2014 with the Chinese oil company CNPC.

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