Put red to the one that uses the "false self-employed"

The word of the year for the meat industry has been "false autonomous"; There is no doubt that we take a look at the information that has made rivers of ink on an issue that affects other economic areas and that puts into question the rules on subcontracting or the definition of self-employed.

There are several proper names in this framework, but one is unquestionable: Servicarne, the largest cooperative of associated work in the meat industry, was able to provide cooperatives (false self-employed, according to the unions) to fifty companies. In total, more than 5,000 workers, figures that have changed with the course of events.

This has had much to do union activity, with permanent complaints to the Labor Inspectorate that decided to take action, mainly against Servicarne, and indicate that it is a false cooperative that lacks structure and corporate activity, so who asked for his disqualification.

The performance of the Inspection went beyond the words and has come to ask for minutes of liquidation of Social Security contributions for millionaire amounts to understand that there were workers as "false self-employed" who should be considered employees.

Another coup d'état in 2018 was the one given by Social Security when it began to officially register cooperative members in the General Regime, so they became dependent on the company, abandoning their relationship with Servicarne.

Actions, practically harassment and demolition, which have ended up undermining the structure of Servicarne: currently it has lost a score of client companies and has managed to regularize some 3,000 people, according to the data provided by CCOO.

While this shower was falling, Servicarne has made brief interventions arguing that he felt helpless and hoped to take the case to court.

In his defense, he argued that he has been operating as a cooperative for 40 years, "with many judgments in favor" and "1,000 inspections" passed, so they believe that the Labor Inspectorate has changed its criteria "pushed by the unions."

But the unions have turned a deaf ear to these allegations and want more: they ask that Servicarne be disqualified as a cooperative by the Government and, once the flagship is overthrown, go for the other associated work cooperatives that operate in Spain (at the state there are 22) that have reached up to 25,000 cooperative members: hard work.

From CCOO, recognize that they do not care as much if a tripartite dialogue table (employers, unions and government) to find a solution is opened because they see that the union action is giving results: "We do not rule out the path of dialogue but we are not going life ", says the head of the Food Industry of CCOO, Vicente Canet.

It was precisely he who presented this week the new action against the "false self-employed": the creation of a "meat traffic light" with the logos of the main distribution chains and the information of their meat suppliers.

The supplier who does not have "false self-employed" among his workers is assigned a green; if the process of regularization of these workers has begun, it is yellow and, of course, the red one is used by the "false self-employed".

It will be necessary to see if 2019 is the year in which the unions achieve their pretensions and this type of cooperativism is buried forever or, although, it is possible to articulate a new way of understanding the associated work.


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