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Pushing, shouting, lame, oaths and reproaches

"Today is going to be exhausting," he predicted Agustín Javier Zamarrón before the full of the Congress of Deputies in which the XIV Legislature. And he succeeded. As the proverb says, the devil knows more by old, than by devil.

The president of the Bureau of Age, socialist deputy for Burgos, was protagonist in the constitution of the Lower House last May for his resemblance to the writer of the Generation of 98 Ramón María del Valle-Inclán –Albus Dumbledore for the youngest.

Vox and Citizens, shouting and pushing

The deputies of Vox, as they did half a year ago, were the early risers. This time they occupied the positions that the Citizens' bench used to have, today decimated by the polls, and with whom they have not agreed for the seats of the Bureau of Congress, the governing body of the Lower House. In the previous constitution of the legislature the deputies of the extreme right sat behind Pedro Sánchez, in the seats of the PSOE, in which José Zaragoza was also. But there were no more incidents. This time it was not like that, In the early hours there were pushes and discussions between the orange deputies and the formation led by Santiago Abascal, which has gone from 24 to 52 deputies while Citizens has waned.

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Jaume Asens, head of the En Comú Podem list, narrated that as soon as the doors of the chamber opened, there were already "shouts and insults." "As the first image of the legislature does not invite optimism," he said. Jon Iñarritu, meanwhile, talked about "fight fight" for the sites. “Pushing and contempt, it seemed the Ukrainian Parliament. The Legislature begins well ”, added the deputy of EH Bildu.

And the PP, on another front and as I had done in the previous days, presented battle for the oaths, a assured controversy seen as seen in the previous Legislature and that the doctrine of the Constitutional Court of 1989 leaves no effect. But that came later.

Lastra's stumble

A Zamarrón, 73, was given to speak before the full of lameness and deputies who can not go to vote for the podium of the chamber, thus extending the process. He pointed out that the difficulties increase in the voting of the posts of the Bureau because there are three deputies who cannot move to vote in the ballot box – among them Pablo Echenique, who suffers the architectural barriers of the Chamber, and Macarena Olona, ​​in advanced gestation state. And he added that he was lame. “That is to say: I am like the rest of Parliament; some invalid and other lame ”, he joked without knowing that this squad Adriana Lastra was going to join.

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The parliamentary spokeswoman of the PSOE has tripped next to the seat of the acting president and has monopolized the spotlights for a few minutes. "We are going to collect the votes of the wounded," Zamarrón said.

Adriana Lastra has tripped next to the seat of the acting president, Pedro Sánchez

Adriana Lastra has tripped next to the seat of the acting president, Pedro Sánchez
(Dani Duch)

After being attended by the doctor of Congress, he has returned to his seat in a wheelchair and with an ice pack. In time to congratulate Meritxell Batet when she has been re-elected president. Lastra's agenda, which in the afternoon was scheduled for a meeting with Esquerra Republicana and another with Junts per Catalunya, was still standing. Gabriel Rufián has been one of the deputies who has taken an interest in his foot.

Zamarrón apologizes to citizens

Zamarrón, as in May, has been a joker and sly, but this time his role has taken on another look. From the rostrum and as president of the Bureau of Age, has asked citizens for “pardon” for the last legislature.

“From the institutional dignity that circumstantially I have as president of the Bureau of Age, with the humility due to the politician whose reason for being and office is the service to citizens, I apologize to the Spanish people, sole sovereign, for the breach in the XIII Legislature of the transcendent constitutional mandate to grant government to the nation, ”he said, lowering his head for a few seconds. After the relevant act of contrition, the president of the Bureau of Age inaugurated the XIV Legislature, while wishing it to be "long and fruitful."

Agustín Javier Zamarrón and Marta Rosique in the Constitution of the XIV Legislature of the Congress of Deputies

Agustín Javier Zamarrón and Marta Rosique in the Constitution of the XIV Legislature of the Congress of Deputies
(Dani Duch)

The independence prisoners

The oldest has been followed by the youngest deputy, Marta Rosique. She was in charge of reading the decree of the Constitution of the Cortes.

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Half a year ago, everyone looked at the independence prisoners, who went to Congress in their capacity as elected deputies – not before being suspended and while the oral trial was continuing in the Supreme Court. This time, already sentenced and condemned, they fell off the charts. They were not in the hemicycle, they did not monopolize the spotlights, but their name was lied at the inauguration of the legislature by voice of the ERC deputy.

ERC deputy Marta Rosique, the youngest of the Congressional Age Board

ERC deputy Marta Rosique, the youngest of the Congressional Age Board
(Crossbowmen / EFE)

Rosique has begun her intervention in the chamber by reciting the names of the independence prisoners when she spoke as secretary of the Bureau. The 23-year-old deputy wore a black T-shirt with the word independence represented with the flags of Euskadi, Catalonia and Valencia, and named Oriol Junqueras, Joaquim Forn, Jordi Turull and Jordi Sánchez, before starting the alphabetical reading of the new elected deputies, which has surprised the hemicycle.

Zamarrón, without further pomp, has called him to order "because the names pronounced prior to that of Deputy Ábalos do not correspond to elected deputies." If at first the independentistas had applauded, after the intervention of Zamarrón it has done it the majority of the plenary session.

Void votes

The 28 votes of ERC, JxCat, EH Bildu and CUP in the vote of the presidency of the Congress of Deputies have been void

The 28 votes of ERC, JxCat, EH Bildu and CUP in the vote of the presidency of the Congress of Deputies have been void
(The vanguard)

In the voting of the presidency of the Congress – there were two when there was no absolute majority in the first – the independentistas deputies have cast a null vote. ERC, with the homework and the printed ballot next to a yellow ribbon, voted llibertat. JxCat wrote the same thing by hand. EH Bildu also voted freedom (Askatasuna) and the CUP “amnesty and self-determination" The BNG deputy, Nestor Rego, “semper by Galiza" Although the five groups total 29 seats, only 28 voids have been issued when Jaume Alonso Cuevillas has not participated, who has been absent from the plenary due to a medical intervention.

Reproaches for voting

The Vox sanitary cord was not produced and the formation of the extreme right obtained the fourth vice presidency of the Chamber, but it was left without a secretariat thanks to the support obtained by Podemos Podemos from ERC, CUP, EH Bildu and Más País. Who does remain outside the Bureau altogether is Citizens, who has proven for the first time the effect of having only ten parliamentarians. He was 57 in April.

The fact that the left has three secretariats and the right one, making the transfer of the PP to Citizens useless, has caused a cross of criticism between Vox and PP. And if the independentistas voted null to the presidency, in the votes of the other positions they tried to help United We can to the detriment of Vox.

“The PP had in its hand to choose that Vox had representation in the Bureau or vote for Citizens, aware that it was not going to leave, thus delivering a position in the Bureau on the left. He has preferred to do the latter, ”Vox complained.

The PSOE could have divided its vote to give one more vice presidency to the PP and thus avoid the entry of Vox in the Mesa. It is what has been called the “sanitary cord to the extreme right”. But with that strategy, the Socialists would have had to give the first vice presidency to Pastor, so they have finally allowed the formation of the extreme right to be at the Mesa. The CUP complained about it.

Repeat voting

And if the voting was lengthened … the secretaries' vote had to be repeated when there was a tie when the secretariats were elected – by then in the Senate they already complied with the constitution, promising or swearing. The vote was repeated to settle the order for the tie between the common Gerardo Pisarello and the socialist Sofía Hernaz. He won first.

“If a deputy has been left without a vote, let him approach. We are not going to do anything to him, ”said Zamarrón, with humor, before starting the count again and after a five-minute break that he gave to the deputies. "Take advantage of it," he said with the characteristic leism of the north.

This is the Table of Congress

This is the Table of Congress
(Europa Press / EP)


After the constitution of the new table, the oaths arrived. In the Senate Javier Maroto asked the presidency of the Upper House not to let the independentistas add pads. In Congress, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo did the same. It was no use.

The deputies of ERC have promised the charge "for the freedom of the political prisoners and until the constitution of the Catalan Republic, by legal imperative". Those of JxCat "with loyalty to the democratic mandate of the 1-O, for fidelity to the people of Catalonia, for the freedom of political prisoners and the return of exiles and for legal imperative." The CUP, "by legal imperative, in first and last loyalty to our people".

Jordi Salvador, from ERC, promises his position

Jordi Salvador, from ERC, promises his position
(Eduardo Parra / EP)

Some Parliamentarians of United We did it "for the thirteen roses" or "for democracy and social rights." The Vox swore "for Spain." Thus, while PP and Vox swore, the other deputies promised the position. EH Bildu, PNV, Teruel Existe or BNG have also cast their own vote.

Vox, PP and Citizens, at the end of the oaths, issued their complaints.

‘The Godfather’ plays at the Carrera de San Jerónimo

For those who have followed the constitution of Congress on television, there has been one more anecdote. In the Carrera de San Jerónimo, prison officials were protesting the salary equalization. In protest have played different soundtracks that have been sneaking into the special news of TVE. The predominant one was that of PadThe Godfather ’, the classic trilogy of Francis Ford Coppola on the Italian-American mafia. But other melodies have also been played such as the Game of Thrones series, Star Wars or even the classic Christmas Lottery melody.

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