February 26, 2021

Puro Latino Fest 2019: Reggaeton stars have their own festival | Miss Festivals Blog

Nine of the first ten songs that are part of the list of the 50 most listened to Spotify tracks in Spain They belong to the same gender: reggaeton. The fury of rhythms like that of The gas He came to stay and now, 15 years later, Latin sounds lead the reproduction industry. That is why the festivals have gradually introduced the top representatives of the style in their posters and, incidentally, have taken the opportunity to create events aimed exclusively at their followers. This is the case of Puro Latino Fest, a musical event that is celebrated for the second consecutive year in El Puerto de Santa María, in Cádiz, and which this year has programming such as Anuel AA, Don Omar, Farruko, Karol G, Juan Magán, Don Patricio or Henry Méndez.

At the moment, Saturday tickets have already sold out and There are only passes available for the day of Friday, August 2. The place chosen for the celebration is the Municipal Sports Center of the town, an enclosure that can gather up to 20,000 people and is located a few meters from the Playa de la Puntilla. At its premiere in 2018, the festival managed to sell out all the tickets and touched the ten thousand attendees in a single day, so this year they expect to multiply the number of audiences by four: “we have changed the venue before the flood of tickets sold and At this time there are no more subscriptions, there is only for Friday and they are about to run out. ”

Among the great claims of the Puro Latino Fest poster are two of the authors of the most listened to theme on Spotify Spain, China: Anuel AA and Karol G. In fact, this is the first visit of the Puerto Rican to Spain, and it will also be the beginning of his tour of the country. In addition, El Puerto will also be the author of one of the summer themes, Counting moles of Don Patricio and Cruz Cafuné. But without a doubt, Don Omar is one of the most recognized names in this program, since this will be his return to the live after two years removed from the stage. So this weekend the public will be able to dance successes that marked the beginning of the reggaeton empire back in 2003 as Poor devil or tell him.

Artists and schedules of Puro Latino Fest


Reggaeton stars have their own festival


Reggaeton stars have their own festival

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