Punta Cana warns of an “intense fall” in the tourist sector due to the coronavirus

The tourist activity of the Dominican Republic will suffer an “intense fall” as a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic, warned the president of the Puntacana Group, Frank Rainieri, on Wednesday.

Through a video broadcast by this group, Rainieri said that although measures have been taken to lessen the effects of the disease, both the country and companies in the sector “will suffer the consequences of an intense drop in tourist activity which will lead to a difficult situation for everyone. ”

The Puntacana Group, a pioneer in the tourism sector in the country, will take measures to preserve its “well-being”, while calling for national unity to overcome the “difficult time” derived from the pandemic.

“We all must be willing to take the necessary sacrifices to face this situation,” he said.

In the face of “widespread panic” worldwide due to the coronavirus, “we must remain calm and discard all those false information that misinforms and generates fear in the entire population and in all of you,” added the businessman.

“Together we will overcome this difficult moment, which is not ours or our country, but a global problem and therefore we must prepare ourselves decisively, with a lot of work and a lot of effort to emerge victorious once again,” he concluded.

The Puntacana Group owns numerous hotels in the east of the country and the Punta Cana airport, the country’s main air terminal.

Dominican President Danilo Medina announced several measures to contain the coronavirus last night, including the closure of borders by land, sea and air, for the next 15 days.

This order will take effect next Thursday and will affect the country’s economy, which has tourism as its main source of income.

Before the start of the coronavirus crisis, the Dominican tourism sector accumulated negative data since mid-2019.

In the first two months of 2020, it accentuated its downward trend and registered a 9.0% drop in the number of foreign travelers, according to official data published on Tuesday.

The data represents a worsening with respect to the 2019 trend, a year that closed with a 4.6% drop due to the repercussion of the negative news that dealt with the death of several American tourists in hotels in Punta Cana.


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