October 22, 2020

Pumpkins to the bassist of Stool in ‘First Dates’

Daniel Guadaño and Sandra, his date from 'First Dates'.

Daniel Guadaño and Sandra, his date from ‘First Dates’.

The new installment of ‘First Dates’ had a luxury bachelor among its guests: Daniel Guadaño, the bassist of Taburete. The musician went to Carlos Sobera’s program willing to find the person who makes him happy, after being single for six years. As he indicated before starting the appointment, he had had no luck in this field and, in addition, he pointed out that music had cost him many girlfriends. “You wonder if you flirt because you’re from Stool or if it’s because of who you are”he commented.

As requirements, the Madrilenian only asked that he like music and that they “understand him.” His date was Sandra, a smiling 24-year-old single who hadn’t heard of Stool. It’s more, the girl did not recognize him and even mistook him for a boy from the restaurant because it didn’t “fit” him like his date.

And is that singles did not share the same hobbies or the same musical tastes. Sandra likes the reggaeton in the Omar Montes style, while Daniel is more into indie music. However, the single woman promised that she would look for the group to see him perform: “I’ll see who Stool is.”

At the moment of the final decision, the bassist from Stool, very excited about how the meeting had gone, accepted a second date because he had had a good time and would like to know her more. However, that feeling was not reciprocal and Sandra decided to reject him: “I have been very comfortable, but I would not have a second date because it suits me more as a friend. ”


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