Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

Pulse in the Parlament on how to address child sexual abuse

Pulse in the Parlament on how to address child sexual abuse

All the groups in the Parliament agree that there is a better response to cases of sexual abuse of children in Catalonia, but they disagree on how to do it: common and CUP advocate to elucidate possible responsibilities, the rest is committed to undertake a broad analysis before Act.

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These differences have been evidenced in the formulas that have driven to channel the debate in the chamber, since while Catalonia in Comú Podem and the CUP propose to create a commission of investigation, Cs, JxCat, ERC, PSC and PPC suggest a study commission about this problem

According to Parlament regulations, the study commissions are limited to "analyzing any issue that affects Catalan society" in order to draw up later conclusions, while research commissions must have a work plan, they may require the presence of any person involved and his opinion of conclusions has to be discussed in full and refer to the Govern.

For the commons and the CUP, x-ray the situation is a measure "clearly insufficient" to give an answer to those who are suffering or have suffered abuse, so they propose to go further to clarify where the protocols fail and if there are actors, public and private parties, which have helped to keep quiet the cases in which minors have been abused in the past.

In fact, the motion that the commons take to a plenary vote on Thursday - and that the CUP will support - calls for the investigations to focus "on sexual violence reported in religious educational spaces in Catalonia," such as the case of abuse by that Professor Joaquín Benítez has been accused, to students of the Marist School of Sants-Les Corts, in Barcelona, ​​which has recently been judged.

On the other hand, the deputy of the CUP Vidal Aragonés, in declarations to Efe, asks "to go beyond" and that the Generalitat withdraws the educative concert to the centers on which weigh denunciations by abuses.

On the other hand, the Deputy of the PSC Raúl Moreno defends that the deputies do not have the responsibility to review specific cases, but must focus on the tools available to schools and the administration to combat this type of practices.

"We want to deal with this issue with discretion, with efficiency and with the will to improve the Catalan legislation in this area", emphasizes the socialist deputy.

For this purpose, in the proposal that PSC, Cs, JxCat, ERC and PPC have registered -which will be voted on in the plenary session of next week- it is proposed that technical and specialist experts come to the study commission.

These should help determine if the protocols are effective, if the professionals know them sufficiently and if there is an optimal collaboration between the agents and departments involved in the fight against child abuse.


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