Pulse between employers and unions for the composition of the CES

Pulse between employers and unions for the composition of the CES

File photo of Angel Victor. Torres (d), Elena Máñez, Manuel Navarro (UGT) and Inocencio González (CC OO). / EFE

The Government has called the plenary session of the Council for next Tuesday, which will elect Francisco president without unanimity

B. Hernandez

B. HERNANDEZ The Palms of Grand Caaria

Six months after the dismissal of the members of the
Economic and Social Council (CES) of the Canary Islands, the President of the Government, Ángel Víctor Torres, has called the constitutive session of the plenary session for next Tuesday, June 28. In all likelihood, at this meeting the businessman from Tenerife will be chosen as the head
Joseph Charles Francis.

Although the name of the president was resolved several months ago, until the last moment there have been
very difficult negotiations that have to do with the vice presidencies and that can affect the support that Francisco gets at the head of this consultative body.

Contrary to what happened on previous occasions, the appointment of the president will not take place this time by consensus and
will have to resort to voting. The former leader of the CEOE-Tenerife, José Carlos
Francisco, has the closed support of the employers and the chambers.

Instead, the secretary general of
CC OO, Inocencio Gonzálezhas already stated on different occasions that its three representatives in plenary will abstain from this process.

What has generated a new pulse has been the election of the
vice presidenciesa position to which the UGT aspired to give its support to the proposal presented by the businessmen.


In principle, one corresponds to business organizations and another to CC OO. The latter is not in dispute. Nevertheless,
UGT understands that if the employers already hold the Presidency of the Economic and Social Council, the second Vice Presidency should remain in the hands of this union, a position that its leader has maintained,
Manuel Navarrosince it became known that Francisco would be the candidate.

This issue has not yet been completely closed and will be raised again the same Tuesday before the meeting takes place. Since
UGT it is also not ruled out that this organization
abstain from voting of the president, just as the CC OO will do, although in any case, this position will not determine the final result because only one candidate is presented.

The fact is that this was not always the name that was on the table to lead the Council and getting here was a long road of disagreements. There was practically a closed agreement between the regional government, unions and CEOE-Tenerife around the professor at the University of La Laguna,
Gloria Rojasfor president.


However, the
Tenerife employers He turned his position around and joined the rest of the businessmen to reverse the pact and propose José Carlos Francisco, taking advantage of his departure from the leadership of the

The support of the
Canarian Confederation of Entrepreneurs (CCE) It was produced with the commitment that it would be a person from the island of Gran Canaria who would assume one of the two vice-presidencies, a position that will probably be assumed by the general secretary of the businessmen of Las Palmas, José Cristóbal García. The employers "have not wanted to give it up" despite the fact that it would mean a fairer composition of the Council, the unions point out.

The composition of the new Economic and Social Council (CES) of the Canary Islands has not been without problems, which has delayed the call for the plenary session by six months. Last December it was declared, by decree of the Executive, the
dismissal of its former members by expiration of the legal period of mandate.

It was not until May that the Governing Council appointed the
new counselorswhich will elect the president next Tuesday.

In addition, this entire process takes place two years after the dismissal of the previous head of the CES, Blas Trujillo, who left office to take charge of the Ministry of Health after a provisional stage occupied by Julio Pérez. During this time, the Presidency has been carried out by José Cristóbal García.
Lack of agreement to find consensus names has been at the center of these delays.

Archive image of José Carlos Francisco. / Juan Carlos Alonso

“Not recommended” a divided Council

Both UGT and CC OO have considered in recent months "not recommended for the work entrusted to them" to reach a vote in the Economic and Social Council without a prior agreement. The two unions understand that this situation would lead the advisory body to start its "divided" journey.

Instead, in this negotiation process, businessmen from both provinces have stressed the importance of the CES being chaired by an independent person not proposed by the Executive, as was the case with Gloria Rojas.

The plenary session of the Council will have three representatives from UGT (Manuel Navarro; Rosa Mirna Ortega and Patricia Trujillo Vega) and another three from CC OO (Inocencio González; María del Carmen Marrero and Sergio Melián).

The two business organizations also have six representatives. On behalf of the CEOE-Tenerife will be José Carlos Francisco; Raquel Malo and Ángel Delgado, while José Cristóbal García will sit for the Canarian Confederation of Entrepreneurs; Vicente Marrero and Laura Dapresa.

Likewise, on behalf of the Chambers of Commerce, Mauro Manuel Fernández Felipe has been appointed; Manuel Santana Leon; José Torres Fuentes and Antonio Rodríguez Marichal. On the part of Consumers will be Manuel Ramos Martín and Pedro Bethencourt Guerra, while the experts are María del Cristo Dorta López and Manuel Luis Pérez Artiles.

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