Puigdemont's sister acted as liaison between the former president, Torra and the CDR

The CDRs arrested last Monday and who formed the Tactical Response Team (ERT) met in secret in September 2018 with the sister of the former Catalan president Carles Puigdemont to deliver "sensitive documentation" and establish "secure communications" between him and his successor Joaquim Torra.

According to one of the cars that took the 7 detained CDRs to prison and to which Efe had access, they met with Puigdemont's sister on September 15, 2018 "in a meeting whose characteristics required great security measures that were assumed and adopted by the ERT, managing to complete the same ".

"After a detailed analysis of the telephone interventions", between two of the detainees now in prison, Ferrán Jolis and Xavier Buigas, it was learned that the ERT on that day "organized, planned and executed a secret meeting 'in itinere'" with the sister of Puigdemont "with the intention of delivering sensitive documentation and establishing secure communications between the fledged former president" and Torra.

Other members of the ERT Guillem Xavier Duch, Ferrán Jolís, Eduardo Garzón, Clara Borrero and David Budria participated in the meeting, according to the order of the judge of the National Court Manuel García Castellón.

The resolution also refers to the existence "of a conspiracy plan against the State institutions, which would consist of the assault and subsequent illegal occupation of the Parliament of Catalonia" on "D" day, "with the ultimate goal of subverting the constitutional order. "

That "D" day is believed to be on October 1, on the occasion of the second anniversary of the illegal 1-O referendum, or when the "procés" sentence was notified.

"The development of the plan, entrusted by the so-called 'Catalan CNI', would have been assumed and planned by the ERT itself, being involved in several of the initiatives that would make up that plan," says the magistrate.

There are also conversations - he continues - in which some member of this group showed "expressly his full willingness to participate in the assault on Parliament", including Guillem Xavier Duch, member of the CDR Sabadell Center.

Also, in another telephone conversation between Duch and Jordi Ros, which the judge places in the so-called "producer Nucleus" and that "had already begun to acquire chemicals", the first indicates that "they should start moving things because the news progresses unfavorably. "

"These references, among other evidence already exposed, are sufficient rational indications," says the judge, that they had "an advanced knowledge of the terrorist planning that was brewing within the ERT."

According to the order, "the actions carried out by the ERT and documented by this instruction, have provided preparation, training and means to its members regarding the use of clandestine telephones, securing communications, use of agreed language and use of walkie talkies ".

The judge considers that this training has been implemented by its members on several occasions such as in the riots during the celebration of a Council of Ministers in Barcelona on December 21, 2018.

It also highlights in this regard another episode that occurred on February 1 when four members of the ERT -Duch, Garzón, Budria and Ros- "participated in a criminal act" which consisted of spilling a large amount of oil on the road of the C-road. 55, at the passage of the convoy escorted by the Civil Guard that transferred the prisoners from the prison of the Lledoners prison to Madrid.

This action, highlights the car, "generated a serious risk for road safety and, therefore, for people who circulated on the aforementioned road."

To all these indications, the judge adds the statement given by Ferrán Jolis - one of the two CDRs that admitted the facts to the Civil Guard and the magistrate - and attributed to Duch "a leading role in the organization."

He said Duch was "one of the coordinators of the organization" and was "in charge of telecommunications infrastructure."

In fact, in the registration of his address "numerous telephone terminals and walkie talkies were found, thus taking care of the custody of the terminals used for communications between members of the organization."

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