Puigdemont says that "conditions are not met" to approve budgets

Puigdemont says that "conditions are not met" to approve budgets

The former president of the Generalitat Carles Puigdemont, said Monday that "the conditions are not met" to allow "neither the approval nor the processing" of the General State Budget (PGE) and has asked the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, enable a "real" dialogue table on the self-determination of Catalonia and a "bilateral commission" to monitor compliance with agreements on public investments in Catalonia.

"We have explained many times and we will reiterate that the conditions are not given today for the approval or for the processing (of the PGE)." It is obvious, "assured the independence leader in statements to the media after the meeting of the Executive of PDeCAT in Waterloo (Belgium).

First, Puigdemont has criticized that the Government of Sanchez "has done nothing" to fulfill the requests to "enable a real dialogue" between Catalonia and Spain to "address the political conflict." "This is evidence that we can not fail to underline," he remarked, and then claim a "dialogue table" that includes the right to self-determination.

In the second place, he pointed out that "the problem is not in the promises but in the fulfillments". For this reason, it has demanded the implementation of a "bilateral commission" composed of "independent witnesses" that will be in charge of verifying that the agreements between the Central Government and the Generalitat regarding public investment are fulfilled.

"It would be the minimum to be able to process the Budgets, but it is not in our hands for the Spanish Government to move from rhetoric to facts," said Puigdemont. "Given the experience and the accumulated evidence in these 40 years, it is evident that we do not trust ourselves, it is the Government of the 'I will support', the Government of 155 also," he added.

The independence leader has even claimed that the current Executive "has exactly the same policy and strategy as the Government of Rajoy" in relation to Catalonia, while underlining that the independence parties have given Sanchez "many opportunities", but "no he has moved from the same position in relation to the political conflict in Catalonia that he had before. "

On the other hand, the president of the PDeCAT, David Bonheví, has assured that in these moments "it is clear" that the formation would present an amendment to the totality of the PGE because "Mr. Pedro Sánchez has not moved of place" and "no he has made no political proposal for Catalonia. "

"Therefore, our position has always been the same and we remain in this position of, if appropriate, submit an amendment to the totality so that the Budgets are not processed if these conditions are not met," he explained.

Asked about the margin that Sanchez has to accept these conditions after the irruption of Vox in the Andalusian elections, Bonheví has ​​urged Sanchez to be "aware" of "what is Vox" and to "see the Democratic pro-independence as their allies."

"I think I should do an analysis and see that the pro-independence democrats are the best solution to continue making democracy and politics in the Spanish state as well," said the president of PDeCAT.


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