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Puigdemont defends the "validity" of the DUI and sees in Catalonia a "de facto political subject"

Puigdemont defiende la “validez” de la DUI y ve en Catalunya un “sujeto político de facto”

The former president of the Generalitat de Catalunya Carles Puigdemont has affirmed in an interview with the Argentine newspaper Clarion that the declaration of independence of October 27, 2017 was "valid", made by a "legitimate" parliament and that it has not been "rectified" by another subsequent parliament. "There is a milestone and it is done", he added.

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In this interview granted in Belgium, where he resides since leaving Spain, Puigdemont contradicts the line of defense maintained by the majority of defendants in the trial of the you procés both in instruction and in the oral hearing now held, those who have assured that this statement was merely symbolic and without legal transcendence.

However, asked about this position of the defendants, Puigdemont assures that it is a defense strategy and that in a trial "without guarantees", as in his opinion is the one that is followed in the Supreme Court, "everything is allowed". "My colleagues and friends must do everything in their power to get out of this farce," he adds.


Point out the unilateral way as the "last option", but remember that "it is always there"

In fact, Puigdemont avoids fixing in the publication of the sentences of the trial of the you procés A new key date for sovereignty: "There is too much uncertainty to make decisions, we do not know in what terms the sentences will be

The expresident adds that the independentist parties do not regret the unilateralism with which they acted and that this "is always valid", although it is not the first option. "It was the last option," he says, "but it's always there," he warns. And he also says that declaring independence may be "illegal", but "it is not a crime" in the Spanish legal system, nor is it, according to Puigdemont, to call a referendum on independence.


The European dimension of the independence movement

In another moment of the interview, Carles Puigdemont says he finds three weaknesses in the independence movement. First, the "division among political actors", which "costs a lot" to find unity; second, that they must assume that they have climbed "a few steps in the conflict, which is already a clearly European conflict". As a third problem, Puigdemont sees a difficulty in the size of Catalonia, which constitutes "a political and social minority" in Spain. "We are only 16% of the population," he says.

In return, the candidate of JxCat assures that Catalonia has managed to be "a de facto political subject" and that this is the result of the strategy of dissemination of the independence movement. "Before getting to the recognition you have to get the knowledge. That's also because in modern times conflicts are also narrative, wars are also narratives, "he says.

On this, and with a view to the European elections of May 26, Puigdemont defends that he can acquire the status of MEP - and his immunity - if the citizens give him confidence: "Unlike the electoral processes organized in Spain, this It is an electoral process organized by the European Parliament. The states will communicate the results of the elections to the EU Parliament and will publish them, where the status of MEP will be acquired. " "We must discuss whether it is mandatory or not to act as a European deputy to take the oath of the Constitution - in Spain - but in that period of immunity I can circulate, which is what interests me," he adds.

Former President of the Generalitat

The ID of Puigdemont

Carles Puigdemont assures in the interview to questions from the Argentine newspaper that within a year -3 February 2020- his National Identity Document (DNI) expires and that one year or a year and a half later, he adds, his passport will also do so. He admits that this will create problems for him, but he lowers them to the "practical administrative" level.

In spite of that expiration, the former Catalan president affirms that "never" will stop being "in a situation of regularity", although he does not explain how. "I will manage the circumstance in which I find myself at that moment," he simply adds.

Puigdemont also rejects his judicial situation in Spain - a national order of search and capture against him for rebellion and embezzlement of public funds - because he claims that he is "a free citizen in Europe" and that "there is a cause" against him but that he is " provisionally filed. "

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