Puigdemont cancels videoconference with the University of Mexico

Puigdemont cancels videoconference with the University of Mexico

The former Catalan president and leader of JunsxCat, Carles Puigdemont, canceled a video conference on Friday that he had agreed, on April 8, with the Ibero-American University (UIA) of Mexico.

In a statement, the institution noted that the decline of Puigdemont was "strictly personal" and said that the Catalan politician "did not like the proposal to discuss with an academic" of that house of studies.

In the note, the UIA explained that on Monday, April 8, at 09.00 local time was scheduled the conference "Political Prisoners in Catalonia and the defense of land in Mexico" in which it was planned to have probable participation of Puigdemont

The institution pointed out that the members of the Praxis student society, from the Department of International Studies, made the necessary arrangements to confirm this presence via videoconference.

"Both the Department and Praxis proposed to Puigdemont an academic debate format with Dr. José Sols Lucía, who is currently the Director of the Department of Religious Sciences of the Universidad Iberoamericana," and who has extensive knowledge of history and the current situation of Catalonia.

"The idea was to ensure that the goals we pursued as an educational institution, and that have to do with the freedom of opinion and the plurality of ideas," said the UIA and said that Sols "certainly a partner at the height of any politician of the world ".

But Puigdemont considered that the conditions for the debate were not adequate "and he kindly declined to participate".

The UIA said it understands "the moments of political tension that prevail between the Spanish Government and Puigdemont," but we want to make it clear that the Universidad Iberoamericana has always been critical and has fostered the debate of ideas and regretted that it has declined to debate with the academic.

"Many times in the antagonistic dialogue is when the best ideas arise and it is when our students get more wealth, a broad outlook in which different points of view are exposed", concluded the Universidad Iberoamericana, a private institution that is part of of the Jesuit University System (SUJ).


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