Puigdemont blames Llarena for the separatist split in the Parlament between ERC and JxCAT

Puigdemont blames Llarena for the separatist split in the Parlament between ERC and JxCAT

"Working under these conditions is not easy, neither for the Parliament, nor for the Government," the former president has admitted in statements to the press when asked about the situation in Catalonia after the rupture between ERC and JxC in the Parlament and if he sees broken the independence bloc.

This was recognized by Puigdemont after participating in the inauguration of a photographic exhibition with snapshots of key moments for the procés in Catalonia in the Flemish Parliament, including several of those injured in the police charges during the 1st.

The four deputies suspended from JxCat by the judge rejected Tuesday to designate a substitute to exercise their voting rights in the Parliament, including Puigdemont following the decision of its Board – with the votes of ERC and PSC, the abstention of Cs and the opposition of JxCat–, that they continue delegating their vote, as they have done the two deputies of ERC.

Puigdemont has in any case blamed the judge Llarena of the situation when defending that "a judge, absolutely illegally interferes with the composition of the majority of a plenary session decided by the citizens in an election".

"Mr. Llarena has been trying to interfere in the normal life of the Parliament of Catalonia for many months, and we have said 'no' and we will say it as many times as necessary," he said, insisting that, in his opinion, it is "extraordinarily abnormal". that, in a democracy, we have to be under the orders of a judge who has even committed clear abuses of the legislation "and that its interference is" unacceptable in a State of Law ".

Puigdemont has avoided responding to if he feels responsible for the break between ERC and JxCat, if he has surprised and fears for the stability of the Government and has stressed that "responsible for not respecting the will of the Catalans is Spanish justice" , that "tries to interfere permanently since December 21, in the results" because "they did not like it".

Thus, the former Catalan president has assured that he is not surprised that "there is no justice with guarantees" in Spain because, in his opinion, it does not respect the separation of powers or the electoral results but has lamented that even "that sadly is no longer a surprise for Europe. "

"That's why we want independence," he said. "Our duty is to fulfill the mandate of December and October 1," has riveted, insisting on the need to "defend what we have up to now defended."

On the other hand, we must also continue to "denounce", he said, the situation of politicians imprisoned in Catalonia as the case of the former president, Parlament, Carmen Forcadell, "for allowing a debate" and explaining to "many people, that there is a threat to European democracy when fundamental rights are violated. "


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