June 14, 2021

Puigdemont and Comín withdraw their request to join the group of the Greens / ALE in the Eurocamara

MEPs Carles Puigdemont and Toni Comín on Wednesday withdrew their application to join the Greens / European Free Alliance group in the European Parliament just a few hours before the final debate on their entry into training, which was opposed by part of the group.

Sources close to the negotiation informed that the independent MEPs have communicated in a letter to the two co-chairs of the group, Ska Keller and Phillipe Lamberts, the withdrawal of their request for entry, so they will remain in those not enrolled in any training in the European Parliament.

In the letter, sent by Puigdemont and Comín but which also addresses the situation of Clara Ponsatí (MEP since February 1), they indicate that they want to “avoid internal division” that has generated their possible entry into the group.

The group Greens / ALE in the Eurocamara is formed by about 55 MEPs of the Greens, whose dome had been opposed to the entry of Catalan independence leaders, and 7 of ALE, favorable to their entry, as well as a dozen that They are not affiliated with either of these two parties, such as the MEPs of several European pirate parties.

“The last thing we would like is to enter a group after a process that may have caused serious discrepancies between some of its members and that our acceptance is an element of discord,” the letter notes.

One of the group’s co-chairs, the Belgian Lamberts, had been publicly opposed to the entry of Puigdemont and Comin into the group because of their links in Belgium with the N-VA, a Flemish nationalist formation.

Greens / ALE planned to address this issue at its meeting this Wednesday after two meetings of the conciliation committee to try to reach an agreement on this matter did not reach any consensus.

Today’s meeting would have discussed the entry of the three deputies (including Ponsatí, which will be from February 1 for the “brexit”) among the more than 70 group MEPs and, if no agreed solution was found , would have been resolved by a vote by absolute majority that Puigdemont, Comin and Ponsati had little chance of winning.

Remaining in the unregistered, which include formations such as the Brexit Party or the Italian Five Star Movement, leaves them without the support and infrastructure of some parliamentary group, as well as without the floor shifts in the plenary sessions that correspond to the larger groups and unable to access the presidencies of parliamentary committees.


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