June 20, 2021

Puig asks the United Kingdom to facilitate access to the Community to the British

València, May 24 (EFE) .- The president of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, has raised the possibility of “territorializing” the access of British travelers to the United Kingdom’s ambassador in Spain, Hugh Elliot, given the great epidemiological differences between the autonomous communities, in order to facilitate their mobility to the Valencian Community.

Puig met this Monday at the embassy with Elliot, to whom he explained that the Valencian Community currently has a coronavirus incidence of 29.88 cases per one hundred thousand inhabitants, the lowest in Europe, and has hospital occupancy lowest covid patients in Spain, also in intensive care units.

The president has highlighted the importance of achieving “normality” in mobility and that “sooner rather than later” the restrictions that still exist can be overcome, and has asked that in the next revisions by the United Kingdom of the “traffic light” to travel to other countries, the possibility of territorializing the areas should be taken into account.

“It is evident that in Spain there are currently large asymmetries” in the incidence of the coronavirus, said Puig, who has indicated that they will respect the decision adopted by the British Government, but hopes that there may be a “substantial progress” to recover in the next months the “maximum connectivity”.

The president has highlighted that he is already in a “starting position” from the “nightmare” that the coronavirus pandemic has entailed, from which lessons have been learned and he is walking “in the right direction”, and has shown his I wish that the British who have historically trusted the Community can return to it.

He also explained that at the meeting they have discussed other issues, such as the limitations that British residents in the Valencian Community have to remain in the country, as well as the repercussions of Brexit and the need to maintain “the maximum possible cooperation “with the United Kingdom.

Finally, they have analyzed issues such as the space for exports, business and possible investments in the Valencian Community, on which Puig has said that he hopes that in the coming months they can continue to deepen and work together.

For his part, the ambassador has emphasized that the Community is a part of Spain “very loved by the British”, with which there are “very deep ties”, because “many residents” live in this area and there are also ” many tourists with the enormous desire to be able to return “.

He described as “very good news” that Spain has lifted the ban on non-essential travel, and recalled that this country is on the amber list of the British Government’s traffic light system, so there are still limitations for the return of passengers. British tourists.

However, Elliot has affirmed that with the good progress of vaccination and control of the pandemic, in which the Community “is the leader in Spain”, the tourism that has existed in the past can be resumed, and has confessed that he “very much wants to return to the Community very soon”.

Likewise, the ambassador pointed out that during the meeting they spoke of the “good experiences” of companies to continue working on trade between the Community and the United Kingdom after leaving the European Union with Brexit.


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