Puerto Rico suffers cuts that leave thousands of customers without power

Puerto Rico suffered in recent days power outages that have left thousands of people without service, which led to the governor of the island, Wanda Vázquez, visiting the facilities of the state Electric Power Authority (PREPA) to know first hand the root of the problem.

Vázquez visited the AEE Eco-Electric cogenerator on Sunday to find out what problems the installation faces, whose failures since last 25 have left thousands of subscribers without service.

"Every citizen needs to know what has happened, why the light has gone out, what are the situations and what are the expectations," the governor said in statements to the local press.

The governor met during the visit with the general manager of EcoEleléctrica, Carlos Reyes, and the executive director of PREPA, José Ortiz.

Vázquez attributed the beginning of the problems to heavy rains, causing damage to the cogenerator, responsible for producing almost 20% of the island's electricity, which suffered three problems that caused the blackouts.

The head of EcoEleléctrica explained that last day 25 rains and electric shocks by storms caused a loss of production.

In addition, that same day a short circuit caused another cut in the service, to which we must add another problem that caused unit 2 to be lost.

Reyes said that for this reason the cogenerator operates at 50% of its maximum capacity, because of service cuts in the municipalities of Mayagüez and Humacao.

PREPA plans to launch the Aguirre plant tomorrow and have EcoEleléctrica restore its service to respond to the demand.

Aguirre has not been serviced for years, according to Ortiz because PREPA has not invested in capital improvements since 2014.

Ortiz said tomorrow the demand of PREPA customers is expected to reach 2,800 megawatts.

The manager pointed out that with the entry into operation of Ecoeléctrica tomorrow the company will have the capacity to provide 3,300 megawatts, but that if that option failed the Aguirre plant would provide more than 3,000 megawatts.

The governor was greeted by protesters who oppose the generation of ashes from the AES company to understand that it poses a health risk.

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