June 15, 2021

Puerto Rico establishes a staggered return to economic activity

The Governor of Puerto Rico, Wanda Vázquez, announced this Thursday that in response to the recommendations of the group of medical and economic advisers and if the curve of contagions by the COVID-19 on the island is not triggered, a plan will begin on Monday to gradually reincorporate various economic activities paralyzed by the new coronavirus.

The confinement and the curfew -from seven at night to five in the morning- are extended, except for the incorporated sectors, until May 25.

In a message addressed to the nation, he indicated that tomorrow he will sign an order by which the construction sector -and everything related to it-, financial services, insurance, lawyers, mortgages, real estate, notaries, engineers and accountants , among others, they may return to economic activity but preserving and imposing sanitary protocols.

The services of hardware stores, removals, laundries, ornamental agriculture, installation of air conditioners and vehicle inspection and maintenance, research laboratories in university laboratories and elevator arrangements, will be other economic sectors that may rejoin from Monday, May 4.

On the other hand, he indicated that if the incorporation of these sectors does not trigger the curve of those affected by the new coronavirus, from May 18, retail trade, barber shops, beauty centers, may be incorporated into daily economic activity. restaurants and religious services.

“It is about establishing an agenda that allows us a gradual transition into quarantine to gradually reactivate those activities that without neglecting the protection measures and maintaining the norm of physical distancing, represent a low risk of contagion for Puerto Rico,” said Vázquez. .

On the other hand, you can also exercise between five in the morning and three in the afternoon keeping the distance, although the gyms, tracks and beaches are closed.

“If there is a higher incidence of COVID-19, we will return to the current state,” warned the president, who said that in this phased reopening, “you have to act sensibly and prudently. The well-being of the people is the most important thing when we still fight viruses lethal and invisible, “he added.

After warning that companies must preserve and guarantee the health of their workers, he asked that the population not go into an avalanche.

The report of the Puerto Rico Health Department this Thursday, reported six deaths, reaching 92, and 106 additional unique positive cases to COVID-19 on the island, for a total of 1,539.

The island’s population has been confined, as a measure to prevent the spread of COVID-19, since mid-March.


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