June 15, 2021

Puerto Rican Myke Towers and Venezuelan Micro TDH release the single “El Tren”

San Juan, May 5 (EFE) .- The Puerto Rican Myke Towers and the Venezuelan Micro TDH teamed up to launch the single “El Tren”, a song that bets on self-love, where security and self-esteem wins, according to a statement released this Wednesday.

“El Tren,” according to the statement, is a composition written by Micro TDH and Myke Towers and produced by Ovy On The Drums.

The song tells of an experience lived by the Venezuelan, who, with a broken heart and in his own words, is filled with joy to be able to transform such a painful feeling into music and carry the message to those who have gone through similar situations, reminding them that self-love is always the most important thing.

The song is accompanied by a video recorded in Miami under the direction and creative production of the artist GARABATO.

In the audiovisual piece you can see both interpreters taking a tour of some old and abandoned train tracks, while they sing to those who knew how to value them.


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