June 20, 2021

Puerto Rican band Circo launches song with Mexican Denise Gutiérrez

San Juan, May 21 (EFE) .- The Puerto Rican band Circo joined the Mexican-American singer Denise Gutiérrez (Hello Seahorse!) To launch the single “Si tú te vas”, a collaboration under the record label La Buena Fortuna Music that It is now available on all digital platforms.

The record company reported this Friday, through a statement, that “Si tú te vas” is a song that narrates an astral journey where every night, after a state of deep meditation, the soul of a living body goes out to travel between the constellations from the cosmos to meet that loved one who has physically died.

The theme, underlines the statement, has elements of rock in its most classical essence while it is peppered with psychedelic elements of “art rock” on synthesizers and some guitars.

All members of the band are involved in the arrangements and production.

“This song was born after the death of a friend from a drug overdose. It narrates that mystical encounter of the souls that miss each other, it will come to you and you will know that it is there because within themselves they will discover that there are drastic wonders”, commented Fofé , main voice of the band.

“The drastic wonders are, as I describe, that feeling of full accompaniment when we feel alive within us that person who has left us,” said the singer.

“It is an almost indescribable feeling that we who have lost a loved one with whom we are eternally connected, regardless of their physiological death. Drastic wonders can also be interpreted as that state of full freedom, of existential purity where we simply are who we are without questions or prejudices, “concluded the interpreter.

Circo continues its trajectory with this new collaboration with which it seeks to conquer new audiences in the Latin alternative music scene.


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