Puerto Rican artists mourn the loss of Armando Manzanero

San Juan, Dec 28 (EFE) .- Puerto Rican artists such as Luis Fonsi, Ricky Martin, Marc Anthony, Olga Tañón, among others, have lamented this Monday on their social networks the loss of the legendary Mexican singer-songwriter Armando Manzanero, who died at 85 cause of complications with covid-19.

Fonsi, on his Instagram account, expressed his condolences to Manzanero and downloaded an excerpt of his interpretation of “Under the table”, the work of the late musician, during the last delivery of the Billboard Latin Music Awards, where they paid tribute to the author of classics like “Somos novios” and “With you I learned”.

“Master … that perfect order of organizing words and chords, of squeezing our hearts with only piano and voice. That unique sensitivity that inspired us, influenced (sic) and fell in love with so many generations”, Fonsi started his farewell message to also author of “It will be that today” and “This afternoon I saw it rain.”

“Teacher, you left us, but you leave us a ‘playlist’ of songs that will never go out of style and that will always be part of our soundtrack of life. THANK YOU. Fly high teacher and rest in peace”, added Fonsi.

Ricky Martin, meanwhile, has expressed feeling “very sad” with the departure of Manzanero, who left behind him an eclectic career of 70 years with 400 songs and more than 30 record productions where one theme prevailed, love.

“A king of music has left us. Rest in peace, maestro,” said the interpreter of songs by Puerto Rican authors such as Draco Rosa and Tommy Torres.

Torres, in turn, highlighted the loss of maestro Armando Manzanero as “incalculable.”

“My sincere condolences to his family and to all the composers of the world. The end of an era,” added Torres referring to the also president of the Society of Authors and Composers of Mexico.

Marc Anthony, who has recorded songs by other bolero players such as José Luis Perales, describes Manzanero as “a giant talent, an admirable man who with his music and his lyrics was an inspiration for many of us.”

“In the midst of the sadness for his departure, I appreciate the blessing of his musical legacy. Thank you for so much teacher. #LaMusicaNoMuere,” added Marc Anthony about the Mexican artist, who was hospitalized on December 17 and intubated a few days later for complications caused by covid-19.

Santa Rosa, meanwhile, joined the loss of Manzanero by expressing his condolences accompanied by a photo of both.

“Music dresses in mourning once more. Maestro Armando Manzanero, creator of the romantic song, genius of popular music, says goodbye. His musical legacy will be in charge of keeping his memory alive … Fly high, Maestro!” stood out.

Other Puerto Rican artists who have also joined the chorus of condolences were Kany García, Olga Tañón, Elvis Crespo and Ednita Nazario.

García, winner of a Latin Grammy in the last edition for his album “Mesa para dos” as Best singer-songwriter album, maintains that Manzanero’s songs “will be one of the best ‘soundtracks’ that the episodes of my life have had. and thousands “.

“Rest in peace, teacher,” García commented while adding a photo of Manzanero.

Tañón, meanwhile, has lamented the departure of Manzanero including a video of both interpreting the classic “Somos novios” in the telenovela “Betty La Fea”.

“Rest in peace Maestro Armando Manzanero. Recording ‘Somos novios’ with the maestro, a blessing. In my life as an artist, one of the greatest experiences was sharing a few days, recording and singing with the great Armando Manzanero”, has saying.

“Music loses a great! An eternal romantic, which I thank God for letting me live so many wonderful days. Today remains in me, great moments. Thank you teachers. Fly high. The world of mourning,” he said.

Elvis Crepo, in turn, pointed out: “Another genius is immortalized. Thank you God for allowing me to listen to Armando Manzanero’s jewels. #QDEP”.

Finally, Ednita Nazario, has blamed the covid-19 pandemic for having been the cause of Manzanero’s death.

“I do not forgive you, frightening virus. You take the romance made music. My admired and adored teacher Armando Manzanero. Always and forever, your hymns to love will live in us and in every being who believes in love. Thank you, teacher of teachers, “he said.


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