Puerto Candelaria promises to dance in Parque Doramas

Puerto Candelaria promises to dance in Parque Doramas

The members of the Colombian band Puerto Candelaria. / C7

The Colombian band that won the Latin Grammy for Best Cumbia Album two years ago offers a concert in the capital of Gran Canaria on the 26th

Puerto Candelariaperhaps the most popular and international band in Colombia today, will offer a
only concert on June 26at 12.00 noon, on the stage of the
José Antonio Ramos Auditorium of Parque Doramas of the capital of Gran Canaria, within the framework of the programming of the 'Music in the Park' initiative, dedicated to multicultural musical proposals promoted by the Promotion Society of the City Council of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

The group, which obtained two years ago
the Latin Grammy for Best Cumbia Album for his work 'My name is cumbia', is a
innovative and explosive band that for two decades has been considered a fundamental piece in the movement that redefined the music industry in recent years in Latin America along with Chocquibtown and La mojarra electrica, and one of the leading international representatives of the new music produced in Colombia that has exerted a notable influence on the new generations of creators of its cultural fabric.

the band of
Juancho Valencia already surprised the year 2019 one eve of San Juan in the
Las Canteras beach, sharing the stage with Ketama and the Ultima Llave canaries. On June 30 Puerto Candelaria will repeat a concert in Tenerife and on July 2 on the island of Fuerteventura, within the FEM poster.

Sergeant in front

Led by the privileged and inexhaustible head of
Juancho Valencia (The Sergeant) and the singer
catherine street (Catt), the band has been offering in the last twenty years a bold sound journey through genres and styles such as
cumbia, rock, ska or chucu chucuin the hundreds of concerts offered at the most important festivals, cultural markets and artistic exhibitions in Europe, Asia, North and South America.

His staging full of
humor, dance and lots of funimmediately infects the public and his daring musical proposal has been studied in institutions such as the Berklee College of Music in
Bostonthe Conservatory of Music
rotterdam or the one of

Since 2000

Puerto Candelaria, founded in 2000 by the two-time Latin Grammy winner and five-time nominee, the producer, composer and arranger Juancho Valencia, will offer a varied repertoire at his concert at Parque Doramas, made up of the songs from his nine most popular released to date as '
Love and debts', 'Rebellious Cumbia', 'Senderito de amor', 'My name is cumbia' or 'Fictive love'to which will be added some pieces from their latest album,
'The secret of the shadow'which include recognized standards of the jazz genre.

The band arrives in Gran Canaria with Juancho Valencia and Catalina Calle as singers, Diego Vanegas on piano, Eduardo González on bass, Carlos Didier on percussion, Lucas Tobón on alto sax and Juan Esteban Rúa on trombone.

The Sergeant's cocktail shaker keeps shaking. It mixes modern urban genres with bambuco,
jazz with chocoana music,
the mambo, the cumbia and the boleroalthough detached from the usual Latin homogeneity to express, in its own way, what, from its point of view, current Latin music lacks: sophistication to integrate and achieve various sonorities that represent the peculiar feeling of a society through what he calls

Those who are fascinated by 'sound movement' shouldn't miss the live show by Puerto Candelaria, that group that he defines as the macondo of sounds where all combinations are possible. Perhaps also for this reason there are many who have wanted to work with Juancho Valencia, from
13TH Street to Óscar de León, passing through
Cello La Cabra, Gilberto Santarrosa or even trademarks like Adidas, Red Bull or Budweiser.

Likewise, the cultural resistance and fight for a better world that Puerto Candelaria embodies has gone beyond the limits of music, being
creators of the Primavera Festthe first sustainable family entertainment festival in Colombia.

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