Sat. Feb 29th, 2020

Publishers celebrate the “Google rate” for news aggregators

The president of the AEDE, Luis Enriquez, has declared that this “is a very important step of the Government in the good direction”.

The Association of Spanish Newspaper Publishers (AEDE) has shown its satisfaction for the draft Intellectual Property Law, which the Government has approved this friday, and that finally will allow aggregators to use non-significant fragments of content generated by newspapers provided that, in return, they satisfy the corresponding equitable compensation, known as the “Google rate”. “This has been a historic claim of the AEDE, which has worked to achieve a stable legal framework where the partners could develop their activity. The editors recognize the sensitivity of the Government with this measure, which will mark a path for the rest of Europe, and that strengthens the role of the press as a means of communicating a democratic society, ”he stressed.

The president of the AEDE, Luis Enriquez, has stated that this “It is a very important step of the Government in the right direction”and stressed that the publishers do not seek direct help but a legal framework that recognizes the value of its contents against “the abuses committed and allows us to develop our function with guarantees”.

“The modification of the Intellectual Property Law, which includes the right of compensation by aggregators, is the most important step taken by a government in Spain for the protection of the press. I am sure that this path that has just been opened will be followed by the rest of the countries in Europe, ”added Luis Enriquez.


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