Publishers address the future of Spanish media - La Provincia

The Media Association, which brings together the main Spanish publishers, on Tuesday began its annual Conference, in which it analyzes the situation of the sector as well as its perspectives for next year.

In his opening speech at the Conference, the president of the AMI and Iberian Press & Zeta Group, Javier MollHe stressed that a key to the future of the media will reside in its ability to "explore successfully new revenue formulas from payment for content ".

In this sense, Moll stressed that "the audience segmentation based on your interests and the content customization they will be key factors for the consolidation of the payment culture. "

The president of the editors also advocated agreements and alliances between media to face "this moment of disruption." And he added: "Join forces in editorial projects to improve quality, it can help the media to improve their position and compete with greater guarantees. "

Around the Conference, the international meeting Claves 2020 also takes place at the Casa de América in Madrid, in which experts from various countries address issues of interest to journalistic companies and their business model.


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