Published the provisional list of grants to acquire young housing - La Provincia

The Ministry ofPublic Works, Transportation and Housingof theCanary Governmentpublished this Friday the provisional resolution of the subsidy for the acquisition ofhousing for young canaries, to what it will allocate1.2 million euros.

The Government has specified in a statement that these grants were submitted1,356 requests, of which142 have been accepted as beneficiaries.

These beneficiaries will have to present before the next dayNovember 15an acceptance model set out on the website of theCanarian Housing Institute, together with the registration to third parties, to be part of the definitive concession.

These grants are intended to facilitate young people up to35 years, Canary residents,access to habitual and permanent housing,in property regime.

The aid may be up to11,000 euros,with the limit of20% of the acquisition priceof the house, without expenses and taxes inherent to the acquisition, provided that it is purchased between theJanuary 1 and November 30, 2019.

According to the Government, housing should be used forhabitual residenceand permanent for a minimum term of five years and the purchase price, without the expenses and taxes inherent in the acquisition, must be equal to or less than120,000 euros.

Depending on the income of the applicants, the priority of these provisional lists has been established, which may be modified in the face of the final grant if express acceptance is not made.


In addition, from the Canarian Housing Institute a modification has been announced in Annexes I and II to correct the resolution initially published onLast October 30,provisionally establishing the total amount of applications submitted, such as 142 beneficiaries, 232 applications in reserve, 805 withdrawn and 177 denied.

Once this phase of the process is completed, thefinal resolutionwith the beneficiaries, who will have a new deadline to request payment of the subsidy.

In order to make the payment of the aid effective, the Government requires the beneficiaries to provide the copy of the public deed of sale of the home and a report detailing other income or subsidies for this purpose before a notary


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