October 28, 2020

Published in the BOE the extension of border controls due to the pandemic

The Official State Gazette publishes this Saturday the extension until May 24 of the restrictions and controls on non-essential trips to Spain from member countries of the European Union and others associated with the Schengen area due to the coronavirus crisis.

These exceptional restrictions and controls were agreed in March through an EU code of rules for the crossing of people across borders.

The order of the Ministry of the Interior published in the BOE extends until the end of the fourth extension of the state of alarm, which ends on May 24, the limitations on cross-border mobility agreed in March by the European Council.

EU partners left citizens of EU countries or long-term residents outside of these limitations, as well as diplomatic staff.

As a general rule, only Spanish citizens, residents of Spain and residents of other states in the EU or the Schengen area who are going to their place of residence may enter Spain.

Cross-border workers, health or elderly care professionals who are going to carry out their activity, and persons who document documentary evidence of “force majeure or situation of need” or humanitarian reasons may also cross the border.

The order will take effect this Saturday and will take effect next midnight.


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