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Public workers on the warpath

Trabajadores públicos en pie de guerra

They protest in the streets and on social networks, summoned through the hashtags #QueremosTrabajoDigno, #TransiciónSinDespidos and #NoSomosAviadores. They are dismissed workers from various agencies of the federal and local government, which last Saturday held a rally at the foot of the central balcony of the National Palace, in the Historic Center of Mexico City.

To the shout of "We are aviators, we are workers!", "Stop unjustified dismissals!" And "Full labor rights for state workers!", Demanded President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and the Head of Government capital, Claudia Sheinbaum, basification, reinstatement and, in some cases, compensation according to law.

Traumatic transition

Thousands of affected

The protesters said they represented "thousands of workers in the service of the state who lost or will lose the job unjustifiably with the transition of government."

The "Republican austerity" has resulted in the cessation of hundreds of precarious workers, so obviously, "is not the transformation we want," they denounced. They energetically affirmed: "We are not aviators! We work between 9 and 14 hours a day, without overtime payment; with a heavy workload, we do not have social security, Christmas bonus or vacations. We earn on average between 5 thousand and 8 thousand pesos a month, our salary has not had increases a decade ago and we pay late. "

With placards, the dismissed workers have shown their dissatisfaction with the government cuts.

With placards, the dismissed workers have shown their dissatisfaction with the government cuts.
(Genaro Rodríguez Navarrete / GRN)

They also claimed to be subject to an unfair regime of "simulated contracts, whether for fees, outsourcing, eventual, professional services or Chapter 3000, which deny us recognition of employment relationship and thus, our rights. These conditions were extended by the previous governments, employers and union charros. "

The numbers

Sequels of the Fourth Transformation

They reported that "at least 22 thousand people who work in the service of the State have been dismissed in the first 60 days of government" of the Fourth Transformation. "The goal for the six-year term is to lay off 222 thousand 515 state workers." Only in the capital of the country "has announced the dismissal of at least 32% of workers' fees."

The 'Republican austerity', they estimated, is applied in a differentiated way because while on the one hand workers are dismissed, on the other, "millionaire sums are allocated to the Army and the Navy, through the National Guard, when it has been militarization. responsible for hundreds of murders and human rights violations in recent years. "

Therefore, they spoke in favor of "the budget is for health, education, culture and better working conditions and not for more military".

"The objective of this meeting is to seek to redress the rights of workers who despite many years of effort have not been recognized. On the contrary, we have been precarious and subjected to insults, "explained Guillermina Sánchez Valle, former mayor of Álvaro Obregón and victim of mobbing or harassment at work.

The dismissed public workers have demonstrated in Mexico City.

The dismissed public workers have demonstrated in Mexico City.
(Genaro Rodríguez Navarrete / GRN)

"I was part of the famous Payroll 8 (Labor Stability Program); that is, those on the waiting list to obtain a basification. The law states that with six months a day, you already have that right. But it is said that there have been no base places, when in reality these are a political booty.


We are asking for the reinstatement or basification to which we are entitled. We demand respect for the dignity that has come to harm us. We are going against a system that was worse for us in corruption and negligence, compared to what we had previously. The fight is just beginning. Although as workers we were already tired and we asked for a change to free ourselves and be able to serve, now people are still being taken as political booty. We want respect for human and labor rights! "

Libya Galicia, certified physical therapist, former worker of the basic area of ​​rehabilitation of the National System for the Integral Development of the Family (DIF), in the Villa Milpa Alta Unit, south of Mexico City, was dismissed in an unjustified manner. She was founder in 1998 of the center where she worked and in which she served for more than 20 years - time during which she lived with contracts for a month, without any proof, with a low salary.

Now he has come to demand his release or reinstatement, since "as the president has said:" First the poor ", and still more those who suffer disability. My work is focused on them: from newborns to older adults. "

The dismissed employees have been mobilized and united through social networks.

The dismissed employees have been mobilized and united through social networks.
(Genaro Rodríguez Navarrete / GRN)

Leslie Galicia, former employee of the National System of Health, Food Safety and Quality and Food (Sinasica), decentralized agency of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (Sader), said that "we are here to deny that we are not aviators. There is no denying that there are, but most of us are real workers, who are being dismissed. We worked from 9 to 14 hours a day; Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. In my case, I had a radio receiver that should be on 24 hours a day and 365 days a year to attend any emergency. We are not asking for anything that is not our job. The situation in the country is so complicated that there are no vacancies. The opportunities that sometimes arise are poorly paid or eventual work. "

Righteous for sinners

I think that President López Obrador does not know how things are being done. At least it is not clear, to generalize that the dismissed are aviators. With this the decision is justified; but no: we are real workers. "

- Could not be a beneficiary of any of the programs presented by the federal government?

"They do not cover me. I am not a senior citizen nor is I young. I am an adult over 40 years old. At this age it is not easy for us to be hired. On the other hand, I suffer from a very rare disease called plexus venosus in the medullary canal that requires a very expensive treatment; and it is difficult for me to pay without a salary, without insurance and major medical expenses. I have no way to solve it. And if I stop treatment, I just can not walk. "

Galia Dominguez, spokesperson for the campaign "#TransiciónSinDespidos", alluded in an interview that "as young people we are asking for something very simple: to respect Constitutional Article 123 that speaks of our labor rights, of decent work, with payment on time".

- You are saying to me that the program of employment directed to the young people does not cover his expectations?

"I think it could be a good attempt for young people to have experiences. The problem is that it lasts only one year. When it's over you have to swell the ranks of unemployment. If the only jobs there are precarious, without benefits or security and at any time you are fired, it does not matter. We will continue precarious. "

Dominguez added that his requests have a recipient: the President of Mexico. "We voted for him with the promise that salaries would be cut at high levels, but to those who are applying the policy of" Republican austerity "is to those who earn less than 5,000 pesos. It is not a local problem, workers have been dismissed throughout the country and in different agencies such as the Tax Administration Service (SAT), ProMéxico and the National Electoral Institute (INE). "

The protesters have raised the purpose of giving organicity to their movement. For this, they intend to form a "Coordination of State Workers".

To this end, they have convened a meeting for February 16 at facilities of the Mexican Electricians Union (SME).

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