June 17, 2021

Public tendering grew by 31.8% in 2018 due to the pull of the railway | Economy

Public tendering grew by 31.8% in 2018 due to the pull of the railway | Economy

The public works tender amounted to 16,842.7 million euros in 2018, 31.8% more than in the previous year, driven mainly by the projects of railway infrastructures and those promoted by the municipalities, according to data from Seopan, the employers of large construction companies and concessionaires.

In the whole of 2018, the local administrations were the ones that bid most (7,189 million euros), and where the bidding grew the most with respect to the previous year (+ 42.3%). The Central Administration tendered for 5,435 million euros (+ 41.9%), while the autonomous communities undertook bids for 4,218 million (+ 8.2%).

In this way, the municipalities concentrated 42.7% of the total tenders, and the regional tender, which represents 25%, was surpassed by the one executed by the General State Administration, which accounted for 32.3% of the total ,

Effort of Adif

The Ministry of Development was, as is traditional, the main investment vehicle of the State. Tendered projects for 4,825.8 million euros, 59.5% more than in the previous year. Within its organization chart, highlights the effort of the Adif, the company in charge of railway infrastructure, which bid 2,856.7 million, tripling the projects tendered in 2017. The airport manager Aena tendered 473.6 million, 18.3% less , while Puertos del Estado tendered projects for 454.1 million, 32.3% more.

The tender for civil works grew by 37.6% in 2018, to 11,258.2 million, while that for building reached 5,584 million, an increase of 21.5%. Within the civil works, the roads bidding led to 3,463 million, 7.4% more.

By Autonomous Communities, Andalusia and Catalonia were the most bid, with 2,486.8 million (+ 83.1%) and 2,333.1 million (+ 13.2%), respectively, although the one that grew the most was La Rioja (+ 213.2%). On the other hand, Aragón was the region where tenders were the most affected, with a decrease of 29.9%.

Although the tenders grew for the third consecutive year, Seopan underlines that, despite this growth, the volume of bidding is only 1.4% of GDP, which would remain at historical lows, since the average of the last 23 years it is 2.5% of GDP.


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