Public Health workers demand job improvements

A total of 84 workers of the General Directorate of Public Health of the Canary Islands Health Service (SCS) have signed a letter addressed to the Minister of Health and the directors of the SCS, Public Health, Public Function and Human Resources, in which they demand an increase in the workforce, recognition of the health professional career, an improvement in remuneration and the adequacy, updating and “urgent” conditioning of the place and the workstations. Precisely, with the purpose of taking a step further and making visible the dissatisfaction with the working conditions, today, at 11:00 am, the professionals will hold a rally at the doors of the buildings of the General Directorate of Public Health of the two Canarian provinces. “This is not an issue focused on the current government, but a wake-up call for them to offer solutions to a chronic situation that has not been fixed over the years,” he says. Amós García Rojas, head of the Epidemiology and Prevention section of the General Directorate of Public Health of the SCS.

Conflicts make workers uneasy. In fact, according to Amós García, the employment relationships of the General Directorate of Public Health have not changed for more than two decades. “If there is a retirement due to retirement, for example, that place is not amortized. In addition, if a colleague becomes ill, no one comes to replace him, ”highlights the epidemiologist. “It is true that with the arrival of the pandemic many resources have been brought to us from the hospital and Primary Care area,” he continues, “but these colleagues have better salaries because our professional career is not recognized.”

And, based on the words of the head of the Epidemiology and Prevention section, the health workers who work in the aforementioned body are considered health administration and management personnel. “We work for the same company, that is, for the Canary Islands Health Service, so we must have the same recognition,” he argues.

For all this, they ask the Government of the Canary Islands to take the appropriate measures to solve the problems. “We just want them to understand what we are experiencing and to make an effort to change a situation that is bad for everyone. It must be taken into account that, with the passage of time, problems similar to the coronavirus pandemic will continue to occur, so the Public Health structure must be strengthened and the facilities of the buildings must also be improved “, claims the doctor .

“We cannot be the Cinderella of the health system,” says Amós García Rojas


For his part, Fernando Martín, head of the Food Safety Service, is blunt in saying that the staff is already “physically and mentally exhausted.” “This health crisis has further accentuated our precarious situation. For almost two years, we have been working many weeks from Monday to Sunday and we have worked more hours than usual, but we have only been paid a small part. We feel overwhelmed and very tired », he confesses.

The truth is that the group has created a strike committee – made up of pharmacists, doctors, veterinarians and other experts – in order to establish the necessary lines of dialogue. “At the moment, we are going to go party by party and we are not going to call a strike,” says Amós García, who also relies on the goodwill of the Canarian Executive to respond to the demands. “We trust that all our problems can be solved in a reasonable time and that it is taken into account that we have given everything since the beginning of the pandemic. It is evident that we cannot be the Cinderella of the structure of the health system “, sentence.


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