June 18, 2021

Public Health inspectors stop their checks at the end of the month

Inspectors will go on strike from May 31


The corps of inspectors in the Canary Islands it is staffed by 125 workers, veterinary or pharmacy specialists. This template has been “since 2007” without being extended, because although selective processes have been carried out, “they have only served to consolidate.” In this way, the Canary Islands have lagged behind Spain in another aspect: the number of inspectors per inhabitant. In the Archipelago there is 1 inspector for every 25,000 inhabitants, half that of the rest of Spain where the average rate is 1 for every 12,000 inhabitants. “In some communities it is even higher, as in the case of Galicia”, remarks the representative of the workers.

The lack of means is another of the impediments that inspectors face when carrying out their work.. “We are without equipment, we go to many places with a thermometer, chlorimeter and pen,” says Nonato. In addition, the inspectors do not have enough offices to be able to work and are obliged to travel in their private vehicle for a very low price per kilometer. Regarding the latter, when they asked the Administration for a solution, it gave them as an alternative get around by public transport and his contribution would be to procure a bus voucher for them. For the workers, this cannot be a solution, given that “there are islands -especially the non-capital ones- where the bus network is ridiculous” and, on the other hand, in the capital cities, “there are areas where it is impossible to get there by bus.”


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