September 27, 2020

Public employment totals 17,187 workers in six months, up to 2.59 million

The number of public employees grew by 17,187 troops between January and July 2019 to reach a total of 2,595,575 workers assigned to the public sector, according to data published Friday by the Ministry of Territorial Policy and Public Function.

56.25% of the troops at the service of public administrations are women and 43.75% are men.

Of the total, 57.76% serve in the public sector of the autonomous communities; 19.80%, in that of the State; and 22.43%, in that of local entities.

In all public administrations, 56% are career civil servants, 22.4% are labor personnel and 21.6% are distributed among interim civil servants, temporary staff and other personnel.


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