Public debt sets a new record with 1.21 million euros until June

Madrid, Sep 30 (EFECOM) .- The debt of all Public Administrations closed June at 1.21 billion euros, after adding 10.470 million in the second quarter of the year, so that it sets a new record and maintains its weight in 99% of GDP.

According to the data published on Monday by the Bank of Spain, most of the indebtedness is from the Central Administration, which ended the second quarter of the year with 1,075,480 million, which represents 87.9% of GDP.

The debt of the autonomous communities stood at 300,587 million, 24.6% of GDP, while that of local administrations amounted to 26,233 million, 2.1%; and Social Security, added 48,693 million debt, 4% of GDP.

The sum of these increases is greater than the totals as consolidated debts are included between administrations.

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