June 23, 2021

Public debt rises more than 11,800 million in September and sets a record – La Provincia

Public debt rises more than 11,800 million in September and sets a record - La Provincia

Thedebt of all public administrations rose by 11,819 million eurosin the month of September, until the1,174 billion euros, 1% more than in August, so it marks againa historical maximumand it is situated in the environment of98% of GDP, according to the data published this Friday by the Bank of Spain.

With the increase in September, the public debt rises for the second consecutive month and regains the upward path that has been marking in recent years, after the decline in July (-0.3%), and exceeds the historical maximum recorded in the June of this year (1,163 billion euros).

In termsinterannual, the debt of public administrationsgrew by 41,540 million euros, 3.6% more than in September 2017. After the new September record, the debt-to-GDP ratio was approximately 98%.


By administrations, a good part of the increase in public debt in September is due to the rebound of theState debt, which rose by 13,308 million euros, to 1,03 billion euros, which means a monthly increase of 1.3% and an interannual increase of 5.2%.

Equally,the debt of the autonomous communities also rose in September in 161 million, practically the same as in the previous month but rose by 2.3% compared to September 2017, until reaching291,185 million euros.

In turn, theindebtedness of local corporations grew by 615 million, up to 28,433 million, 2.2% more than in August but 7% less than a year ago.

Finally, the debt of the Social Security administrations stood at 34,863 million in the ninth month of the year, the same level as in the previous three months, although it represents an inter-annual rise of 50.3%, since in September of 2017 was 23,187 million euros.


By instruments,the debt securities represented the highest percentage of indebtedness, with 85.9% of the total, in fact they rose by 1.1% compared to July and surpassed the trillion euros for the first time.

The long-term values, that in Septemberthey stood at 944,677 millionof euros, increased by 1.2% compared to August, while short-term securities reached 65.143 million euros, 0.6% less.

TheloansThey rose by 0.4% in the eighth month of the year,160,435 million. Short-term loans rose to 9,163 million and long-term loans rose to 151,272 million euros.


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