“Public administrations have to commit to protecting creation”

Adriana Moscoso, this Monday, during her speech at the opening of Mapas, in the Sala Insular de Teatro. / C7

Adriana Moscoso, general director of Cultural Industries of the Government of Spain, opened this Monday the professional section of the 5th Maps

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The general director of Cultural Industries, Intellectual Property and Cooperation of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Government of SpainAdriana Moscoso, highlighted this Monday the unique character of the South Atlantic Performing Arts Market
(Maps) and its status as a professional platform for the internationalization of cultural industries.

Maps is a unique market for uniting the music industry of the South Atlantic», said Moscoso at the inauguration of the first Seminar on Digital Music Rights (SEDD), with which Mapas Mercado inaugurated its fifth edition at the Sala Insular de Teatro (SIT) in the capital of Gran Canaria.

Along with Moscoso, the inaugural act of Maps also had the presence of Octavio Arbeláez, co-director of Maps; and Jordi Puy, CEO (general director) of Unison, coordinating entity of this seminar; Juan Márquez, Deputy Minister of Culture of the Government of the Canary Islands; Rubén Pérez Castellano, general director of Culture of the regional government; Guacimara Medina, Minister of Culture of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria; and Francisco Bravo de Laguna, island director of Culture of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria.

the seminar

This Seminar is the starting point for the fifth edition of the Maps, the second with a regional structure, in which Gran Canaria will host the professional part dedicated to music, to move to Tenerife from next Thursday until Saturday, where the performing arts have a leading role, both in what refers to the professional market, artistic exhibitions and other activities linked to the sector.

Adriana Moscoso, general director of Cultural Industries, Intellectual Property and Cooperation, highlighted in her speech the particularity of Mapas por
«uniting three continents, something that is not usually found in this type of professional meeting».

“We think it is very important to support this type of initiatives that allow the development of the cultural industry and that
connect the professionals of this area, generating opportunities so that our musical ecosystem can be strengthened”, he added.

New Horizons

Moscoso spoke of an absolute paradigm shift that "requires the commitment of public administrations to the protection and promotion of creation." In addition, he announced the creation of a new Spanish office for intellectual property rights "to
take on new skills and for Spain to be present in legislative decisions in this area in the global context».

The general director of Cultural Industries of the state government is clear that "access to a legal digital supply of content is
a permanent demand in our societies expanding to other sectors. We saw it in confinement », she reaffirmed.

He also advanced that "issues such as the
artificial intelligence they are posing new dilemmas from an intellectual property perspective.”

breakneck pace

For its part,
Octavio Arbelaezartistic director of Mapas, presented the Digital Music Rights Seminar as “an update on this new changing reality that is transforming at a dizzying pace, especially in the music industry.
These changes have forced us to readjust from the point of view of thought and intelligence in the cultural dimension».

The last to intervene in this inauguration was
Jordi Puy, CEO of Unison. He spoke of the need for formation and exchange in this seminar. "The objective is to share knowledge with all the world experts that we will have here and to strengthen ties between the continents," she explained.

Puy then continued with the
first 'pitch' of the day about Unison's experience as a music rights management company.

The tables

first table of the day dealt with Platforms and Territories, addressing the peculiarities and trends of content in Africa and Latin America and Southern Europe. Gabriel Llano (Tiktok Latam), Indre Boaretto (Deezer), Kirstin Moffat (BMAT- Music Innovators) and Gillian Ezra (Simfy Africa) presented their experience to the specialized audience of Mapas. The table was moderated by David Serras from Unison.

The second pitch of yesterday's opening day at SIT was led by Capasso, a copyright and licensing agency in South Africa.
Jotham Matarirogeneral director of the South African agency, explained how they work in one of the most important entities in the field of copyright on the African continent.

Matariro was also at the next table: 'Following the money... Who, how and where is the management of my digital rights going?' Along with Matariro, Solange Cesarovna (Cape Verde Music Society - SCM), Gustavo González (Abramus) and Cristina Perpiñá Robert (CISAC) also participated.

Gustavo Gonzalez, from Abramus (Brazilian Association of Music and Arts), began the third and last 'pitch' of the day introducing the Latam market. Next, the third table began under the title 'The Web3: the non-fungible and digital property, present and future'. During the meeting, it was discussed
rise of NFTs, its characteristics, its application in musical assets and its impact on copyright management. José Manuel Person (Larrosa Music) and Miguel Tolosa (OffBeat) participated in this last table, moderated by Jordi Puy (Unison).


The Plaza de San Juan de Arucas hosted this Monday the first day of
'showcase'with free performances from 4:30 p.m.

This Tuesday the format is repeated, but in the
Island Sports Centeron the maritime avenue of the capital of Gran Canaria.
From 5:00 p.m. Performers: Isabel Vinardell & Isabelle Laudenbach (Spain), Ablaye Cissoko & Cyrille Brotto (Senegal), Socos Duo (Canary Islands), Sofía Rei (Argentina), Amores Grup de Percussió (Spain), Sergio de Lope (Spain), Susana Travassos ( Portugal), Aduke (Nigeria/United Kingdom), Pahua (Mexico) and Ácido Pantera (Colombia).

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