Public Administration agrees to facilitate the transfer of victims of gender violence

Public Administration agrees to facilitate the transfer of victims of gender violence

The Sectorial Conference of Public Administration has agreed today to favor the mobility of public employees who are victims of gender violence, so that they can move to the Administration and town they request.

These public employees will receive psychological support, social assistance and comprehensive protection, explained today the Ministry of Territorial Policy and Public Service in a statement, with the aim that they can live in an appropriate family, personal and work environment.

In addition, the public employees affected will not suffer any loss of remuneration or retreat in their professional career due to these transfers, which will be preferential and will guarantee the protection of their privacy.

"Employees who are victims of these situations must know this right that protects them and that will make it easier for them to make a decision that is not always easy to adopt," said Minister of Territorial Policy Meritxell Batet, according to the statement.

During the meeting of the sectoral conference today, the first in nine years, its rules of organization and functioning have been approved, public employment mobility policies have been reported and the work carried out by other cooperation bodies has been addressed.

Batet has highlighted the need to strengthen dialogue with the territories, as is the case with this body, which brings together the councilors of the autonomous communities, Ceuta, Melilla and representatives of the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (Femp).

Other issues addressed in the meeting today are the agreement for the stabilization of public employment, the progress of the digital administration or the open government group.


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