PSOE warns Revilla that if he does not "rectify" his 'no' to Sánchez "he will have broken" the government pact in Cantabria

The PSOE of Cantabria has warned the PRC that if it does not "rectify" its 'no' to the investiture of the socialist leader Pedro Sanchez as president "it will have broken the government pact" signed between both parties in the Community.

This was announced on Friday by the secretary of the PSC Organization in the Community and spokesman of the parliamentary group, Noelia Cobo, at a press conference after the Regional Executive Committee of the party, which has met to address the "change of opinion" and The meaning of the PRC vote, an extreme that "puts the political stability of the region at risk".

And it does so to the point that if the PRC does not "reconsider" and supports the investiture of Sánchez "the pact will be broken," said Cobo, who believes that "there is time to rectify" before the debate in the Congress of the Deputies, scheduled between this Saturday, January 4, and Tuesday, day 7.

"There is time to reconsider. The Regionalist Party of Cantabria has time to rectify," he has considered number two of the Socialists, after which he has riveted that "if they do not rectify, we understand that the Regionalist Party will have broken the government pact."

This has also been insisted by the deputy and parliamentary spokesperson in an appearance before the media that has begun an hour late and has only lasted five minutes, between her speech and subsequent questions from journalists.

The call came last night, after the decision taken in the Executive of the PRC that its national deputy José María Mazón vote 'no' to the investiture of Sanchez, after being the only support he won - outside the PSOE - after the elections April and now considering the agreement between the PSOE and ERC "unassuming".


The management of the PSC does not share - as Cobo has said - the position of its partners in the regional Executive, and more when the socialists are "strictly fulfilling" the agreement signed to support Sánchez and lead the Community in coalition.

"We are complying with Cantabria," he said after referring to the agreements acquired in terms of infrastructure, the debt of the Valdecilla Hospital, social policies, the fight against gender violence or economic development.

And, in any case, the "commitments" of the PSOE are with the Cantabrians, not with the PRC, as clarified by Noelia Cobo, who has considered that the partner will "turn his back" on issues such as the increase in the minimum interprofessional minimum wage, the revaluation of pensions, aid to families with dependents or education.

They believe that the "change of position" adopted in the PRC is "based on impressions", since "the unity of Spain is in no danger" and "does not correspond to reality".

In this regard, the PRC leader and Cantabrian president, Miguel Ángel Revilla, had already warned last Tuesday, December 31, that his training would not support "bilateral agreements" between the central government and the Generalitat for a referendum in Catalonia , because "no road, no AVE, nothing justifies that we load the unity of Spain."

But in the opinion of Noelia Cobo, the PSOE is a "guarantee" of this unit because, he said, they believe in dialogue and agreements to "solve the problems of Spain", hence they have asked the Government partner in the region to reconsider And "if it does not rectify it means that the Regionalist Party will have broken the pact" and "the scenario will be what it has to be."


In this sense, and questions from the Press, if the PRC maintains the 'no' to Sanchez in the heart of the Cantabrian PSOE will open "a new calendar" according to what the statutes of the formation, according to which "the Last word "will be the general secretary of the party, in this case Pablo Zuloaga, who is also vice president and advisor of Universities, Equality, Culture and Sports of the bipartite government.

Thus, the PSC regulation establishes that its leader must first convene the Executive Committee which, after meeting, must in turn transfer the decisions adopted to the competent bodies, such as the Executive Committee, the highest organ between congresses.


Until now, between the meetings of the PRC and PSOE domes there has been no contact between their top leaders, Revilla and Zuloaga, according to Cobo, who has also said that the regionalist leader has not called Sanchez.

And although he has admitted that the Socialists have not contacted their partners, he has justified it by understanding that they have not made "any decision" and that so far the only thing that has been is an announcement by the PRC, that "we will see if it takes place or not, "he added.

Thus, in Noelia Cobo's opinion "the logical thing" is for regionalists to give "explanations" to those who have made an announcement, the 'no' to Pedro Sánchez after several months of support.


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