August 6, 2020

PSOE, PP, Vox and Unidas Podemos close the renewal of the Electoral Board for after the Basque and Galician

Unpublished agreement as well as inevitable. PSOE, PP, Vox and Unidas Podemos have registered a joint proposal for the renewal of the Central Electoral Board. It is the first time that the formation of the extreme right incorporates a proposal to the body that is in charge of ensuring neutrality in electoral processes. Depending on their parliamentary representation, they have one member, like the PP and Unidas Podemos, while the PSOE has two. Both socialists and popular have kept the professors they proposed after the elections on April 28 and the confederal group has changed its option.

The Central Electoral Board (JEC), which serves as an arbitrator in electoral competitions, is made up of thirteen members: eight magistrates of the Supreme Court who are chosen by lottery and five professors of Law, Political Science or Sociology who are “appointed by joint proposal “the parliamentary groups in a period of 90 days from the session of the Constitution of the Cortes. Thus, PSOE, PP, Vox and Unidas Podemos have registered the letter signed by their respective spokespersons. This time, citizens are left out of the JEC after their parliamentary representation has been reduced.

The socialists have once again proposed Juan Montables (professor of Political Science at the University of Granada and former PSOE councilor at the City Council of that city) and Consuelo Ramón Chornet (professor of International Public Law and International Relations at the Valencia Law School ) that, like the PP member, Carlos Vidal, will continue to be part of the JEC. Vidal, Professor of Constitutional by UNED, was the subject of controversy for having hidden his membership in PP before joining that body, as revealed by Infolibre. The independentistas opposed his appointment.

For its part, the formation of Santiago Abascal has chosen José Miguel Serrano Ruiz-Calderón. The professor at the Complutense University and professor of Philosophy of Law, who will join the body after passing through the appointments committee next Monday, has several writings against euthanasia. He is a bioethics specialist, researcher at the Institute of Human Rights and member of the Provita Vatican Academy. Socialist sources admit that the presence of a member appointed by Vox is “inevitable” since “it is in representation of the groups.”

Esther del Campo, dean of the Faculty of Politics of the Complutense University, who was the germ in which Podemos was born, will also be examined for the first time. Very close to Iglesias, the professor was in charge of presenting the second vice president in a talk that the Somosaguas campus offered on March 4. “I know that her intention is to return. What I have transmitted to her is the interest of the Complutense University and our faculty because for us it is very important that someone like her be in the Government of this country.” “Thank you very much, Dean, teacher,” Iglesias replied. The confederal group thus changes to the member that it had designated for the JEC since its irruption in the Congress in 2016, Inés Olaizola, which was renewed after the elections of April 28.


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