January 19, 2021

PSOE, PP and Vox veto a parliamentary investigation on the opaque cards of the king emeritus despite the favorable report of the lawyers

The Bureau of Congress has refused this Wednesday to admit to process the creation of a parliamentary inquiry commission on the opaque bank cards used by kings emeritus, Juan Carlos de Borbón and Sofía from Grecia, as well as some of their relatives. PSOE, PP and Vox have voted against in the governing body of the Lower House and only Unidos Podemos, which was one of the proposing groups, has voted in favor. The rejection contravenes the report of the Congress lawyers that endorsed “admit to processing and transfer to the Board of Spokespersons “the initiative.

Anti-corruption investigates King Juan Carlos, Queen Sofía and several of their relatives for the use of opaque credit cards

Anti-corruption investigates King Juan Carlos, Queen Sofía and several of their relatives for the use of opaque credit cards

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The rejection of the PSOE was expected and adds to the many discrepancies that have occurred between the Government partners. From Unida Podemos, multiple parliamentary initiatives have been raised about the different scandals that plague Felipe VI’s father, but he has always encountered opposition from those of Pedro Sánchez.

Although the discrepancy was foreseen, there has been a public confrontation between the two coalition partners. First it was the Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, who in an interview with Onda Cero has accused United We Can of “questioning the institutions.” Robles has assured that, “in some way, when there are those who intend to investigate” the emeritus king, the monarchy may be questioning. “In a solid and serious democracy, it is not good for institutions to be questioned,” he has settled.

The response from United We Can has come from the Secretary of State for the 2030 Agenda, Ione Belarra, who has indicated on her Twitter account that “investigating the allegedly illegal activities of Juan Carlos is precisely defending the institutions.” “Protecting privileges and aligning oneself with the right wing and the ultras once again is disappointing,” concluded the Podemos leader in reference to her government partner.

Asked for the answer, Robles has said not to have seen the tweet and has played down its importance, although she has stressed that Belarra is “Secretary of State” under the umbrella of the Vice Presidency of Pablo Iglesias. “What is important is that with the Second Vice Presidency we can work together on what really matters to the most vulnerable citizens, such as those who are in residences,” he assured, to add that that is why it seems “so the work carried out by the Armed Forces in disinfection in these centers is important. ”

Criticism has also come from Congress. The first secretary of the Table and spokesman for En Comú Podem, Gerardo Pisarello, has assured that with his decision “the PSOE has not positioned itself on the side of the Monarchy, it has positioned itself on the side of opacity and against the Constitution” .

ERC requests the appearance of Sánchez and Calvo

Together with United We Can, other parties of the parliamentary majority that support the Government supported the creation of the investigation commission: ERC, EH Bildu, Más Madrid, Compromís and the BNG.

This Wednesday, the group led by Gabriel Rufián registered requests to appear in the plenary session of Congress addressed to the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, and the first vice president, Carmen Calvo. The reason: “To give an account of his actions in the march of the emeritus king of the territory of the Spanish State, last August, as well as to give explanations about possible interference by the Government, in order to prevent the constitution of a Investigation Commission, endorsed by the lawyers of the Courts, regarding alleged corrupt actions “.


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