PSOE, Podemos and Cs advocate a lactation permit until the first year of the baby

PSOE, Podemos and Cs advocate a lactation permit until the first year of the baby

PSOE, Unidos Podemos and Ciudadanos propose increasing lactation permits, which currently extend to nine months of the child, up to 12 months. In addition, these formations also agree that this right is enjoyed by both parents, so they want it to be considered an individual right.

This is reflected in their amendments to the PSOE law proposal on equality between men and women at work, which is being processed in Congress, and which has already concluded the period of presentation of these proposals.

Only the PP remains in this way, which in relation to this point maintains the nine-month period that is currently in force. Further, does not require changes in the text, as proposed by the other parties, to "reinforce" the right of both parents to this permission.

Socialists and 'oranges' also agree on modifying paternity leave, although not in the formula. The PSOE proposes a progressive increase of them, going from 10 weeks in 2019 to 16 in 2021. The party that supports the Government includes in its amendments that next year the parents will have four weeks that will be enjoyed continuously after the birth of the baby. The remaining eight will also be enjoyed uninterrupted, but can be enjoyed in a later period, allowing the parents to join the work between these two permits. This system is applied equally to the 16 weeks that are planned for 2021, four after the birth and another 12 at the choice of the parent.

For its part, Citizens has proposed as an amendment the bill of conciliation that was registered in Congress last July and in which it proposes permits of up to 30 weeks. iudadanos proposes paternity leave of 30 weeks divided into: ten weeks for the mother, ten untransferable for the father and another ten to distribute between both parents. In the same way, he wants single-parent families or children with disabilities to opt directly at 30 weeks.

Unidos Podemos has not amended the socialist law in this sense, although the 'morados' have taken into consideration in the lower house a rule on this subject. This text requires 16 weeks of permission for the parents and that this period is not transferable. The 'purple' also suggest that it remains in the hands of the parents if both periods are caught simultaneously or not.


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