July 5, 2020

PSOE assures ERC that "you can talk", but remember that there is already a table of matches in the Parliament

These statements come after the Vice President of the Government, Pere Aragonès, has insisted that the current pre-agreement between the PSOE and United We can not change their 'no' to the investiture, and has asked them for a commitment to create a negotiating table politics.

"We are open to dialogue, but within the Constitution. We want to talk, we want to dialogue, we want to build bridges but within that framework. ERC will be told that this is our position, we trust that they abide by the principle of reality," he said. assured the deputy spokesman of the PSOE, Felipe Sicilia, about Esquerra, training that will play a key role in the investiture of Pedro Sánchez.

However, Sicily has stressed that the PSOE "will never" accept that in Catalonia "there is a right of self-determination and independence."

Asked about the creation of a dialogue table, he recalled that the party table was already proposed by the PSC and "is already in the Parliament." "He does not meet and they hardly give him any use. They have to talk, but first the games of Catalonia," he defended.

On Sanchez's next investiture, the deputy spokesman has "trusted" that ERC supports the coalition government and that "not the opportunity to the right" to join forces.

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