June 21, 2021

PSOE and United We Can not manage to stop the fall in support while Vox recovers, according to the CIS

CIS November 2020

CIS vote estimate (in% of the total valid vote)

The two parties that make up the Government coalition, PSOE and United We Can, have not managed to reverse the downward trend pointed out by the Center for Sociological Research. Both parties fall in voting intention according to the November barometer made public this Wednesday, which deepens the loss of support from both formations. The Socialists are still above the results they achieved in the general elections a year ago, but Pablo Iglesias’ party is more than one point below and for now is taking away the possibility of fighting for third place for which until now now it competed with Vox.

This is revealed by the November CIS barometer, which shows how the extreme right manages to recover from the bad data on voting intention in the latest installments of the sociological study. It also traces Ciudadanos, which manages to reach the brink of 10% in voting intention. The PP drops a couple of tenths, but manages to further shorten the distance with the socialists due to their fall.

The PSOE passes in this barometer from 30.8% in vote estimate to 30.4%. It is not a very pronounced drop, but Pedro Sánchez’s ones come from having left another seven tenths in the previous barometer, so they have already fallen more than one point in two months. Even so, they still remain above the 30% barrier and with better voting expectations than those harvested in the November elections, where they obtained 28% of the support.

Its partners in the Executive, United We Can, also register a new fall. To the five tenths that were left in the barometer last month, there are another three. The confluence would now obtain 11.4% of the votes, 1.5 points less than the result of the general elections. The possibility of fighting for third place is thus far away, until now in dispute with Vox.

The formation of the extreme right hooks a new month of rise in vote estimation. Those of Santiago Abascal managed in October to go from 11.7% to 12.5%, and in this month’s barometer they added another seven tenths to stand at 13.2%. Their results are still far from the 15.1% with which they rose a year ago.


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