PSOE and “small” groups, a constant negotiation in parallel to that of ERC

The leadership of the socialist group has maintained during these days a constant interlocution with the considered “small” groups of Congress through a negotiation path parallel to that held with ERC.

Parliamentary sources of the socialist group and other groups with little representation in the hemicycle have confirmed to Efe the existence of these permanent contacts, which are produced by telephone and by email, since the exchange of documentation on regional, regional or local claims does not ceases

The leadership of the socialist group, headed by the parliamentary spokeswoman, Adriana Lastra, wants to have all the ends tied when the date on which the investiture session will begin is known, which is not yet known.

Regardless of whether that debate starts next week or after Kings Day, January 6, the PSOE intends to guarantee a fork of yeses to Sánchez that avoids surprises. That fork must exceed that of the sum of the votes of the Socialist deputies (120) and those of United We can (35).

One of the priorities has been oriented to the PNV, whose spokesman in Congress, Aitor Esteban, yesterday at a press conference, stressed that the vote of the six nationalist deputies has not yet been decided. However, he acknowledged that progress has been made in the negotiations between his party and the PSOE.

In a similar vein, the deputy of Compromís, Joan Baldoví, an ally in the More Country Congress, the formation led by Íñigo Errejón.

The Valencian parliamentarian advanced yesterday that the yes to Sánchez is closer than a few days ago, when he met with Lastra in Congress.

The evolution has been possible thanks to this persistent work on a series of claims that Baldoví made yesterday: the total gratuity of the AP-7, the connections to this highway of several Valencian municipalities or the proposal of a new autonomous financing system within The next eight months.

The contacts of the socialist leadership with PNV and Compromís have not ceased, as their respective representatives in Congress have confirmed.

However, the leadership of the socialist group has confirmed conversations with more parties, without specifying which. Parliamentary sources aware of the talks point to Efe that with EH Bildu and JxCat have not occurred.

Interlocutions with nationalist and regionalist formations have circulated in parallel to the negotiation with ERC, which develops separately since both parties have created two negotiating teams.

The conversations have not stopped either, but these, unlike those that take place with other parties, are progressing at a rate conditioned by external factors, in this case the corroboration by the European Justice that Oriol Junqueras enjoys immunity as elected parliamentarian of the EU from the day of the elections.

It is about avoiding the no of the Catalan formation when the second vote of the investiture is held, and that same attempt with smaller groups: remove them from the no.

The socialist leadership has the rejection of the PP, Vox, Cs, UPN, the CUP and Forum Asturias, 155 votes in total, and it would not surprise him to add the eight of JxCat.

Therefore, the PSOE needs to ensure the yes and / or abstention among several of these forces: PNV, ERC, EH Bildu, Más País, Compromís, Canary Coalition, Nueva Canarias, BNG, Teruel Existe and PRC.


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