PSOE and Podemos receive in Congress to entities in favor of Catalan, Basque, Galician, Aragonese and Asturian

In a press conference they presented the manifesto 'Linguistic equality: freedom, plurality and democracy' in which they demand that the Government take the measures required by the Council of Europe for the defense of these languages.

The president of the Bureau for Linguistic Standardization, Marcos Maceira, explained that the Government has until August 1 as the deadline to inform the Council of Europe of the actions it will take in relation to these languages.

However, they have criticized that PP, Citizens and Vox are "against" the use of these languages ​​in some territories and use it as a "throwing weapon" since the Congress of Deputies.


Therefore, they have explained that they have not contacted these parliamentary groups for this meeting, although they have acknowledged that they have called a PP deputy, who has finally declined this meeting, according to Maceira.

They also planned to meet with the president of Congress, Meritxell Batet, who has not been able to attend due to her parliamentary activity.

Finally, they have described as "authentic hoax" that the Castilian is persecuted in Catalonia, something that, in his opinion, does occur with these languages ​​in different regions.


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