Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

PSOE and Podemos defend the rise of the SMI against the criticisms of PP and Cs

PSOE and Podemos defend the rise of the SMI against the criticisms of PP and Cs

The PSOE and United Podemos have defended the positive effects on the labor market has had the rise in the Minimum Wage (SMI) to 900 euros, compared to PP and Citizens who have considered raising it 22% at a stroke and without negotiating with agents social is a populist measure.

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During the first economic election debate held live in the EFE Agency, the head of the Secretary of Economy of Podemos and coordinator of the economic program of United Podemos, Nacho Alvarez, asked the PP on Monday to clarify if he plans to download it.

The person in charge of the economic program of the PP, Daniel Lacalle, has denied categorically that his party tries to lower it and has affirmed that the PP always has raised the SMI with the agreement between social agents.

"What is a deception is to raise the SMI to a few, which only affects 3% of workers, to raise taxes (contributions) to the vast majority of employees," said Lacalle, who has ensured that no can take for granted the growth of employment in a "fragile" economic moment.

In Lacalle's opinion, to create stable and higher-quality jobs, economic agents must be allowed to grow, because "jobs are not created by destroying the business fabric" or by threatening employers with tax increases.

For the person in charge of Economy in the Strategy Committee of the PSOE, Daniel Fuentes, the rise of the SMI has been crucial to advance in correcting the gender gap in the labor market, given that it is women who mostly perceive it, at the same time who has ensured that the rise has not had any impact on employment.

The secretary of Citizen Programs, Toni Roldán, recalled that both the Bank of Spain and the Independent Authority for Fiscal Responsibility (AIReF) have warned of this negative effect, while stressing that average unemployment rates have been similar both in periods of socialist and popular government.

For Lacalle, this statement by Roldan is "surprising" considering that "everyone knows that PSOE means unemployment and PP, recovery", since "the labor reform of 2012 was absolutely essential to end the bleeding of employment" of the socialist stage.

In this sense, Lacalle has considered it ironic that the PSOE talks about reversing the labor reform when Pedro Sánchez "has told all international investors that he does not intend to do it".

Fuentes has reiterated the PSOE's proposal to repeal the most damaging aspects of the labor reform as the prevalence of the company agreement, so that it is above the sectoral one with the possibility of picking up.

Álvarez has shared this point of view and has advocated controlling temporary hiring so that it is not used in legal fraud, which is why Unidas Podemos proposes to limit this type of hiring between one and six months.

"The labor market speaks to us about the model of society that we want and the employment created creates a very worrying lack of horizon," Álvarez said.

On the labor reform of 2012, Roldán said that we must stop looking at the past and focused its proposals to create quality employment in ending the "junk contract", in changing the training system to stop "throwing to the garbage 6,000 million euros each year "and to reward companies that lay off less.


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